Dutch World @ Womex 2015

Pocketguide with an overview of all Dutch delegates present at Womex 2015 – including a list of main venues and festivals in the Netherlands.


Dutch World @ Babel Med 2014

Pocketguide on Dutch delegates present at Babel Med, Marseille in 2015.



Dutch World Womex 2014

An overview of Dutch delegates and faces present at Womex.


World Music in the Netherlands, the facts

Brief description and key-figures of the lively world music scene in the Netherlands.



Dutch World @ Babel Med Marseille, 2014

Factsheet on Dutch World Music scene


Dutch Umbrella 2014

Dutch umbrella book jazzahead 2014


Dutch face-book@Womex 2013

All information you need to get in touch with the Dutch @Womex 2013


Open publication – Free publishing


A World of Sounds & Opportunities

Concise overview of the world music scene in the Netherlands.