The 21st CHIME International Conference (9-13 May in Lisbon Portugal) just announced their final program!
Click on the image below to see the program.

Message of the Program Committee:
Frank Kouwenhoven, François Picard, Helen Rees, Shao Xiao Ling, Enio de Souza

We look forward to an exceptionally fine programme with lectures, panels, films and concerts, co-organized by the Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre (CCCM) in Lisbon, the Ethnomusicology Institute of the New University of Lisbon, the Confucius Institute of the University of Lisbon and the Confucius Institute and the Departamento de Comunicação e Arte of the University of Aveiro as partners.The main sponsor for the 21st CHIME meeting is the Fundação Jorge Álvares.

CCCM is a splendid museum and centre of Macau/China music/history and culture, located in stately buildings in the Alcântara quarter of Lisbon, just a short walk away from the world-famous Monastery of Jerónimos (must-see for any newcomers to Lisbon!).

This year’s keynote speakers are Professor Alan Thrasher of the University of British Columbia, and Professor Tian Qing, Director of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Research and Protection Centre in Beijing.

We are proud to present, in our programme, the European premiere of Helen Rees’ film documentary  Playing the Flute in Shanghai: The Life and Art of Dai Shuhong (2017, 86 mins), as well as two recent short documentaries on folk song collecting and archiving at the National Taiwan Normal University.

Musical contributions to this year’s Chime event will amply reflect the theme of the meeting: Chinese music as cross-culture. In our music recitals we expect to host zheng player Han Mei and her Red Chamber Ensemble from Canada, as well as an extraordinary cooperation between lute players from two great world cultures: pipaist Gao Hong from Minnesota (one of the finest disciples of the great Lin Shicheng who also taught Wu Man), and Yair Dalal (on Arabian oud) from Israel. They will play duets, fully displaying the different characteristics of their own instruments, albeit (almost) without crossing daggers! Pipa player Xia Yuyan from Beijing and dancer Jiang Shaofeng from Dali (Yunnan) will demonstrate the compatibility of Chinese pipa with American tap dance, and more! Swedish guitarist Johannes Möller, living in Amsterdam but frequenting China, offers his own virtuoso perspective on Chinese folk tunes arranged or recomposed for guitar. Qin player He Yi from Beijing is equally at home in traditional Chinese opera and in the delicate art of guqin songs. In her delicate sung poems she builds intriguing bridges between both worlds. Last but not least, we present the fine art of Mongolian horsehead fiddler Qi Burigude.

We hope to welcome you at the Opening Ceremony with music, keynote speeches and a cocktail party on Wednesday 9 May (registration starts at 15:00 h), and also at our special dinner with Portuguese food and wine on Saturday 12 October. The registration fee is 120 Euros (80 Euros for students), to be paid in cash upon arrival. The fee covers a book of abstracts, attendance of concerts, a welcome dinner, three lunches, and full catering during coffee and tea breaks.


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