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23rd CHIME Meeting, Prague, September 2021, on ‘Chinese Music and Memory’ now held online, divided over two periods (1-3 Sept, and 8-10 Sept 2021)

Due to the corona pandemic, the 23rd edition of the international CHIME conference will takesplace as an on-line event. We are now only days away from the opening session! A detailed programme schedule and full abstracts for all the speakers can be found on our special conference site www.chime-prague.com. We like to invite everyone interested to join as a listener to register for free at that site; (we will need your contact details to link you up with the on-line meeting, and also a portrait photo, for practical use on our informal ‘coffee-break platform’, see down below).

The theme of this year’s conference is Chinese Music and Memory, a topic that will be approached from many different angles, from reconstruction issues to aspects of cultural identity,  systems of music notation, matters of music cognition and more.

Together with our hosts, the Instute of East Asian Studies at Charles University, we have taken every effort to preserve the usual intimacy and relaxed ’family’ feeling of the annual CHIME meetings. 

On-line events can make considerable demands on people’s concentration, so we have shortened our daily sessions to afternoon periods from 15:00 h to 19:00 h (European time). Talks will last max. 15 minutes per speaker, with ample discussion time and generous breaks after each round of three speakers. Informal contact between participants during coffee breaks will be facilitated on a special platform, where we attempt to recreate some of the atmosphere and chance encounters that would normally evolve during in situ meetings!

On our website you will also find short clips in which the speakers informally introduce themselves. In this way, we hope to retain a little bit of our usual congenial atmosphere, in spite of the physical distances separating us! 

(Please note: non-speakers are not requested to submit such short clips.)

The meeting will be cut up in two periods of three afternoons each: the first installment will take place from Wednesday 1 September to Friday 3 September, the second installment from Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 September. On those days, we will meet from 15:00 to 19:00 h.

Some presentations will be available in pre-recorded form on our conference site, so that people can visit those talks earlier or later than scheduled, at a time of their own chosing.

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