Much appreciation to the extraordinary legacy of the In Memoriam inductees and congratulations to the individuals and organizations in the Artist and Professional Excellence categories. Special thanks to all the judges involved and the people who sent us proposals.

The Artists category honors solo and ensemble living artists who have achieved lifelong artistic and technical quality or historical significance in the field of world music.

Zakir Hussain
Natacha Atlas
Valya Balkanska
Alim Qasimov
Choduraa Tumat

Professional Excellence celebrates influential music industry, cultural management and media individuals and organizations who have provided increased visibility and recognition to world music and its multiple subgenres. The selection of this category consists on three inductees but this year we had a tie and we decided to include four.


Antonovka Records
Anton Apostol Canary Records
Ian Nagoski Joaquín Díaz González
Visa for Music

In Memoriam includes posthumous inductions that honor historically inventive and influential artists or industry professionals who passed away in previous years or decades.


Shivkumar Sharma
Antonis Dalgas
Víctor Jara
Graciana Silva (La Negra Graciana)
Zilan Tigris

TWMC Hall of Fame 2023 Judges

The 3 TWMC administrators, Juan Antonio Vázquez, Ángel Romero Ruiz and Araceli Tzigane have participated as judges in all of the categories. There have been other 4 judges in each of the categories.  

  • Artist Judges: Juan Antonio Vázquez, Ángel Romero, Araceli Tzigane, Seth Jordan, Scott Stevens, Tatiana Naryshkina, Luisa Piñeros
  • Professional Excellence Judges: Ángel Romero, Araceli Tzigane, Juan Antonio Vázquez, Peter Van Rompaey, Percy Yip Tong, Peiti Huang, Umair Jaffar
  • In Memoriam Judges: Araceli Tzigane, Juan Antonio Vázquez,  Ángel Romero, Toni Pennacchia, Daryana Antipova, Chris Heim, Ciro De Rosa