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The Amsterdam Marimba Weekend is all about the melodic percussion instrument marimba and vibraphone. It features some of the oldest variants, such as the Afro-Caribbean marimbula and calabash, but also the latest and most advanced instruments. On this night called Ladies Vibe Out!, we focus on the female star players Patricia Brennan, Sasha Berliner and Tatiana Koleva. Special guests include Zhivko Vasilev, Noel Brennan and Vernon Chatlein. Patricia Brennan Marimba and vibraphone player Patricia Brennan is being hailed as one of the new leaders of the instrument, as noticed by The New York City Jazz Record. She grew up in Veracruz and since her youth she has immersed […]



With Ladies Vibes Out! we give space to the female star players Sasha Berliner, Tatiana Koleva and Patricia Brennan. These three ladies perform with their duo partners; guitarist Lage Lund, kaval player Zhivko Vasilev and drummer Noel Brennan. Percussionist Vernon Chatlein has been invited by Koleva to come up with a master plan to forge the Bulgarian, New York and Electronic styles into a whole with a Caribbean touch for the last set of this evening. Sasha Berliner Described as a ‘young master of the mallets’ by JazzTimes, twenty-something Sasha Berliner is an award-winning vibraphone player and composer from New York. She has already shared the stage with […]

€ 25

Romperayo in MEZZ

Mezz Keizerstraat 101, Breda, Noord-Brabant, Nederland

Stap binnen in de wereld van de nieuwe traditionele Colombiaanse folklore met Romperayo. De sound is gemengd met een ondeugende en moderne interpretatie van psychedelische klanken uit de jaren '70, waaronder cumbia en andere tropische ritmes. Verwacht muzikaal vuurwerk waar je niet stil op kan blijven staan! Romperayo maakt deel uit van de nieuwe Colombiaanse muziekscene die hun roots op een fascinerende manier herinterpreteert, waarbij traditionele ritmes worden gecombineerd met moderne electronica. Samen met bands als Los Pirañas en de Meridian Brothers zijn ze op weg om de Colombiaanse live music scene op de kaart te zetten. Live is de band sensationeel en eigenzinnig. Van blaffende geluiden, schrille […]

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CACHA MUNDINHO album release concert Amstel kerk 23-03-24


CACHA MUNDINHO debut album release concert "Vento do Mar" at Amstel kerk 23-03-24 at Q Festival A musical voyage through the world of Lusophony and beyond Cacha Mundinho “catch a small world” breathes new life into practically forgotten musical routes. From songs that exude an Iberian ambiance and Portuguese troubadour tradition Cacha Mundinho travels via North Africa, the Middle East to India and Brazil. The old, historical stories it tells and trails it follows as well as the musical encounters it has along the way are vividly portrayed through the music of singer-songwriter Joana Almeida. Almeida came to live in Amsterdam in 2020 and has dedicated her life to follow a […]

Babel Music XP


An international trade fair, a place for exchanging ideas on the musical landscape, a networking platform, a place to share financial, cultural and societal concerns in the performing arts industry, as well as a festival which warmly welcomes the public – BABEL MUSIC XP confirms its position as a Mediterranean hub for world music. Babel Music XP – always in tune with the world !