De eerste officiële selectie door een onafhankelijke jury, is bekend gemaakt met dit keer ook een Nederlandse showcase: Boi Akih!

(bron: Womex)

Berlin/PortoWOMEX – the Worldwide Music Expo today revealed the much-awaited first set of Jury-selected Showcase artists that will be performing this October at WOMEX 21 in Porto, Portugal. The 26 artists announced today already represent 31 different countries, confirming an extensive range of musical styles unparalleled in any other showcase event around the World. 

Last year, after hosting a full-digital edition of WOMEX 20 feat. Budapest Ritmo, this year, the event producer Piranha Arts along with AMG Music, the local partners for 2021, is engaged in making the 27th edition of WOMEX, the 5-day event in Porto, Portugal, the most diverse meeting of music professionals worldwide.

As countries across the world are slowly opening up their borders, and allowing music and cultural events to take place once again, the WOMEX team believes it is their mission to serve, help, and bring as many of the global music community together as possible. More than ever, it is essential to continue providing their platform for the creative and cultural sector, for artists and music business operators. The on-site event will take place considering all the safe boundaries of health and safety regulations, and taking all the measures into account based on the most current health regulations from the host city council of Porto.

WOMEX is committed to providing visibility to the Jury-selected artists and conference speakers, including those who may be unable to attend in person this year. WOMEX teams are working hard coordinating with 100s of speakers, artists and their management to bring a diverse and balanced programme together in Porto. Due to ever-changing circumstances, travel restrictions and an unpredictable future, the final lineup may vary from the full Jury selection; however, the programme will be balanced with world-class artists and speakers from regions with unrestricted travel.

WOMEX Jury and Programme

With an annual call for proposals – open to any artist, in any country, and from more than a thousand proposals coming in from all over the World – the programme is curated together by the independent and international WOMEX Jury, also known as the ‘7 Samurai’: five focusing on the Showcase proposals and two on the Conference. Together with the WOMEX showcase team, a dedicated curator puts together the Club Summit showcases, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

The first set of Jury-selected WOMEX 21 Showcase artists are:

  • Al Bilali Soudan (Mali)
  • Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy (Ghana)
  • Aragaki Mutsumi (Japan)
  • Bab L’Bluz (Morocco/France)
  • Boi Akih (Indonesia/The Netherlands)
  • Brìghde Chaimbeul (UK)
  • Chalanes Del Amor (Chile/Mexico)
  • Dongyang Gozupa (South Korea)
  • Ebo Krdum (Sudan/Sweden)
  • Echoes of Zoo (Belgium)
  • Ghetto Kumbé (Colombia)
  • Hudaki Village Band (Ukraine)
  • Kosy (Poland)
  • Manou Gallou (Cote d’Ivoir/Belgium)
  • Mateus Aleluia (Brazil)
  • Mazaher (Egypt)
  • Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe (Uganda)
  • Naïssam Jalal & Rhythms of Resistance (Syria/France)
  • Neuza (Cabo Verde)
  • Northern Resonance (Sweden)
  • Pongo (Angola/Portugal)
  • Rangamatir Baul (India)
  • Rodrigo Cuevas (Spain)
  • Sahib Pashazade Duo (Azerbaijan)
  • Sofía Rei (Argentina/USA)
  • Tolgahan Çoğulu & Sinan Ayyıldız Duo (Turkey)
Find Out More About The Artists

The Daytime Showcases will be held in Alfândega Congress Center (Daycase Stage). The Jury-selected Showcases, will take place in Teatro Rivoli (Theatre Stage), Coliseu de Porto Ageas (Coliseu Stage) and Tenda Praça D.João (Praça Stage), you can find more information on the venues here.

Registrations for WOMEX 21 in Porto, Portugal, are open. Register with Summer Rate to get the best ongoing deal. Registration information and link here.