Its inauguration scheduled for 8 June 2019 will be the starting point for a new artistic and cultural impetus in Senegal and throughout sub-Saharan Africa. A first call for applications was launched in the spring.

Published on 03/06/2019

In keeping with the world’s renowned artistic residences, Villa Saint-Louis Ndar is the first multidisciplinary villa on the African continent. Honouring this status by displaying its ambition and uniqueness, it will be the voice of a vibrant and creative contemporary Africa.

A city of confluences in terms of its geographical location and history as well as its cultural and spiritual diversity, Saint-Louis is both focused on Africa and open to the world. It has been part of the World Heritage of Humanity since 2000 and now seeks to establish itself as a laboratory of interculturality at the heart of Africa, while also positioning itself as part of globalisation.

Initiated by the Institut français and President Emmanuel Macron, Villa Saint-Louis Ndar is, in the words of Christophe Bigot, French Ambassador to Senegal, “a source of creation and innovation for feeding the arts and thought far beyond Senegal”, and a bridge between Senegal and France.