An astonishing 80 million people in our world suffer from forced displacement due to war, persecution, abject poverty and human rights violations, a number that has been growing for years. Among the international responses to the plight of people on the move have been those of artists, including musicians. For people stranded in camps or centers, and people adjusting to new environments, music can be a powerful way to express feelings and to connect with others. Yet working with people in highly vulnerable situations asks for a broad range of skills, not only musicianship.

That’s why we’re organizing the Music Leadership Summit this October.

Drawing on 20 years of experience in conflict regions around the world, Musicians Without Borders has developed an approach to using the power of music in communities experiencing the impact of displacement.

The Music Leadership Summit is an opportunity for us to share this expertise with musicians and music professionals eager to make a difference and work towards social change in their personal and professional communities.
The summit offers a program that combines training and advocacy, focused on building connections and solidarity through music in the context of a world with a growing population on the move.
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And more things coming up in June:
Our annual June campaign focuses this year on growing our Community of Changemakers: an important driving force supporting the slow and steady work of lasting social change.

Members of the Changemakers community have pledged a monthly or otherwise recurring donation, which allows us to plan ahead, improving our methods and growing our programs, which helps us bring more music every day to those who need it most. Read more about the Changemakers Community

For World Refugee Day (June 20) and Worldwide Music Day (June 21), we’re teaming up with art27 to host an event dedicated to artists as changemakers: artists as advocates, activists and teachers, working towards lasting social change.

On June 20, we’re offering a program of keynotes, interactive workshops and performances by experienced changemakers. We’re announcing the program and opening registration for the conference next week, on June 4.
Visit the Facebook event for the Artists as Changemakers conference