TWMC Festival Awards:
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The Transglobal World Music Chart Festival Awards were launched as part of our goal to increase the appreciation of the music from the cultures of the world, as a tool for the development of people in many areas of life, as well as for joy and pleasure.
• Best Festival
• Best Small/Medium Festival Award
• Best Large Festival Award
• Best Newcomer Festival Award

• Profound diversity
• Opportunities for lesser known artists
• Communication
• Festivalgoer Experience
• Logistic
• Environmental responsibility
• Social responsibility
These were the results for the 1st edition:
•    Best Festival Award: 

  • 1st. (in a tie):

WOMADelaide & Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival

•    Best Newcomer Festival Award: 

•    Best Small/Medium Festival Award: 

•    Best Large Festival Award: 

•    Global top 10:
1.    (In a tie): Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival & WOMADelaide
3.    World Music Festival Bratislava
4.    Fira Mediterrània de Manresa
5.    Ethnoport Poznan
6.    Urkult
7.    Cordas World Music Festival
8.    Rainforest World Music Festival
9.    Førdefestivalen
10.  Lowell Folk Festival