IM Shiv Kumar Sharma: The maestro who straddled classical and popular music

13 mei, 2022|English, Nieuws|

(bron: IMC-BBC) Indian classical music legend Shiv Kumar Sharma has died at the age of 84. Sharma was an exponent of santoor, a dulcimer-like instrument. He suffered a heart attack at his residence in Mumbai on Tuesday morning. Sharma is credited with converting the santoor, which was mainly played in Kashmir, into a major instrument of Indian classical music. Sharma was also part of a duo - along with flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia - who worked on classical and film music. Shiv-Hari, as they were called, composed music for at least eight Bollywood films, including Silsila, Chandni, Darr and Lamhe. Sharma was born and raised in Jammu in a [...]

ESNS is celebrating Europe! ūüá™ūüáļ

9 mei, 2022|Call, English, Internationaal|

(bron: ESNS) Today we’re celebrating Europe Day. Get your discount tickets today!  Celebrate Europe Day with us and get your registration at a super early bird rate today. Tickets for ESNS23 will be available for the super-early-bird rate again for a limited time in light of Europe Day. This discount will be available on May 9 (starting at 7:00 am CET) only and will shift to the medium rate on May 10. Get your tickets here!

Digital marketing tools for DIY musicians in 2022

6 mei, 2022|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: Music in Africa - Butchie Seroto) Stuck in the euphoria of having completed a song, video or album, many independent musicians tend to release their work without considering how to promote it. In 2022, achieving success as an artist has increasingly become more about how you market your music. This is particularly true for DIY musicians, who are bombarded with the numerous tasks required to distribute their music, such as creating graphics, generating smart links, pitching for playlists, sending emails to media contacts and fan bases, thinking up engaging social media campaigns, organising release calendars, and so on. Below are helpful tools that are either free or [...]

ESNS opens artist applications and will focus on Spain for the 2023 edition

4 mei, 2022|Call, English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: ESNS) As of May 1, the artist applications for ESNS 2023 are open. European acts wishing to play ESNS 2023 (January 18 ‚Äď 21, 2023) will be able to submit an online application for a showcase at the festival from May 1 until September 1, 2022, at¬† Another important update is that in cooperation with The Spanish Wave, we are proud to announce the focus on Spain at ESNS 2023. Last but certainly not least, ESNS Exchange 2022 already resulted in 200 shows for ESNS acts on participating festivals! Artist applications open now In cooperation with The Spanish Wave, ESNS is proud to announce the focus on [...]

Transglobal world music chart – mei

2 mei, 2022|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: TGWMC) 1.¬† Marjan Vahdat ¬∑ Our Garden Is Alone ¬∑¬† Kirkelig Kulturverksted¬† [5] 2.¬†Bonga¬†¬∑ Kintal da Banda ¬∑ Lusafrica [1] 3.¬†Rokia Kon√© & Jacknife Lee¬†¬∑ Bamanan ¬∑ Real World [2] 4.¬†√Āfrica Negra¬†¬∑ Antologia Vol. 1 ¬∑ Les Disques Bongo Joe [-] 5.¬†De Kaboul √† Bamako¬†¬∑ Sowal Diabi ¬∑ Accords Crois√©s [4] 6.¬†El Khat¬†¬∑ Albat Alawi Op. 99 ¬∑ Glitterbeat [10] 7.¬†Vig√ľela¬†¬∑ A la Manera Artesana ¬∑ ARC Music [3] 8.¬†Park Jiha¬†¬∑ The Gleam ¬∑ Tak:til / Glitterbeat [6] 9.¬†Gonora Sounds¬†¬∑ Hard Times Never Kill ¬∑ The Vital Record / Dust-to-Digital [11] 10.¬†Yungchen Lhamo¬†¬∑ Awakening ¬∑ Tibet Arts Management / Six Degrees [8] 11.¬†Le Vent du Nord¬†¬∑ 20 [...]

WOMEX 22 Lisbon | Registration Is Now Open

20 april, 2022|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

Berlin/Lisbon: Piranha Arts, the producers of WOMEX, together with AMG Music, the local partners for this year, confirm the opening of registration for the WOMEX 22 Lisbon edition today. From 19 - 23 October, the WOMEX delegates will embark upon a five-day musical journey in the multi-cultural and beautiful Lisbon. The 28th edition of the event will enable the global music business professionals to come together, engage, network, explore new ideas and formats that are trending internationally, create new opportunities, and share critical insights and practical knowledge to boost the worldwide music economy and regional and international counterparts. Registrations are available as a five-day package and provide access to [...]

Mapamundi M√ļsica: Sonja Heimann about World Music Forum NL

12 april, 2022|English, Internationaal, Redactioneel|

(bron: Mapamundi M√ļsica) by Araceli Tzigane I met Sonja Heimann at WOMEX 2015, in Budapest. The World Music Forum Netherlands was planning a very ambitious project, the European World Music Monitor. I found it very useful and I liked that people who had such a useful initiative, so it was a pleasure to participate, passing a survey to several contacts in my country, to collect concrete, quantitative data on how many people are involved in one way or another in working with world music. I don't think they found as much enthusiasm from all the people they asked to collaborate and the project was not concluded but I [...]

MEDIMEX 2022: Big Live Events Are Back

5 april, 2022|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: Medimex) Medimex 2022 marks the return of big live concerts with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in Taranto (June 19) and The Chemical Brothers in Bari (July 14) and also the return of the entire event to Puglia’s capital town where it was first held in 2011. A long edition of the International Festival & Music Conference promoted by Puglia Sounds, the program of the Puglia Region for the development of the regional music system implemented by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, will take place from June 16 to 19 in Taranto and from July 13 to 15 in Bari. Medimex is a landmark event for the Italian [...]

European Jazz Conference 2022 showcases & theme

5 april, 2022|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: European Jazz Conference) We are very happy to announce the showcase selection for the 8th European Jazz Conference that will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, between 22 - 25 September 2022. Every year, during the Conference, a showcase festival presents some of the best jazz and creative music projects from the country that is hosting the event, Bulgaria for this year. The ten selected projects are: 3uP Bodurov Trio Dimitar Liolev Quartet / Rhodopology Gueorgui Kornazov ‚ÄúNew Generation‚ÄĚ quintet Hristina Beleva & Vasil Hajigrudev Jazzanitza JP3 Vasil Hajigrudev sextet Via Mavis Zhivko Vasilev Quintet The selection process was coordinated by A to Z Foundation, which is hosting [...]

Transglobal World Music Chart – April

1 april, 2022|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: Transglobal World Music Chart) 1.¬† 1. Bonga ¬∑ Kintal da Banda ¬∑¬†Lusafrica¬†[-] 2. Rokia Kon√© & Jacknife Lee ¬∑ Bamanan ¬∑ Real World [21] 3. Vig√ľela ¬∑ A la Manera Artesana ¬∑ ARC Music [1] 4. De Kaboul √† Bamako ¬∑ Sowal Diabi ¬∑ Accords Crois√©s [4] 5. Marjan Vahdat ¬∑ Our Garden is Alone ¬∑ Kirkelig Kulturverksted [-] 6. Park Jiha ¬∑ The Gleam ¬∑ Tak:til / Glitterbeat [13] 7. Mamak Khadem ¬∑ Remembrance ¬∑ Six Degrees [6] 8. Yungchen Lhamo ¬∑ Awakening ¬∑ Tibet Arts Management / Six Degrees [-] 9. Divanhana¬†¬∑ Zavrzlama ¬∑ CPL-Music [2] 10. El Khat ¬∑ Albat Alawi Op. 99 ¬∑ [...]