Classical:NEXT | The first programme is out!

4 februari, 2022|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: Classical:NEXT) The first components of the Classical:NEXT 2022 programme are revealed! An international jury has selected the most promising and innovative ideas for this year's edition. Over the coming weeks, we will gradually announce the full programme, beginning with a first selection of Evening Showcases and Conference Sessions.   Since the Classical:NEXT programme consists of jury-selected submissions from the global art music community, its current leading spirit is reflected in all programme parts. From the Showcase Festival to the Conference Sessions, from the Opening to the Innovation Award, this year we observe a clear focus on subjects of inclusion, fair access, questions of gender as well as the representation of marginalised and non-Eurocentric  perspectives. Compared to past editions, it is striking [...]

Transglobal World Music Chart – februari

2 februari, 2022|Internationaal, Nieuws|

  1. Small Island Big Song · Our Island · Small Island Big Song [-] 2. Khöömei Beat · Changys Baglaash · ARC Music [1] 3. Susana Baca · Palabras Urgentes · Real World [2] 4. Divanhana · Zavrzlama · CPL-Music [-] 5. Riccardo Tesi, Elena Ledda, Lucilla Galeazzi, Alessio Lega, Nando Citarella, Maurizio Geri, Gigi Biolcati, Claudio Carboni · A Sud di Bella Ciao · Visage Music [13] 6. Vigüela · A la Manera Artesana · ARC Music [-] 7. Justin Adams & Mauro Durante · Still Moving · Ponderosa Music [4] 8. Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita · Suba · Bendigedig [6] 9. Xanthoula Dakovanou · Lamenta · Quart [...]

BIME: Check out Keychange participants 2022

26 januari, 2022|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: BIME) Find the next outstanding talent in our roster of emerging artists and professionals from across Europe and Canada. We have 132 artists and professionals, hand-picked by industry experts from 12 countries. Bring gender minorities to your main stage and become the benchmark for the next generation. >>> Get to know them

Call for applications: 2022 Prince Claus Seed Awards

21 januari, 2022|Call, English, Internationaal|

(bron: Prins Clausfonds) Image © Souleymane Kone, Ciel K The Prince Claus Fund is excited to issue the 2022 open call for the Prince Claus Seed Awards The Prince Claus Fund annually recognizes 100 emerging artists and cultural practitioners within the first five years of their careers with Prince Claus Seed Awards. Through this, we aim to create space for emerging artists to experiment and develop new perspectives on societal challenges within their practice on their own terms.  For the Prince Claus Seed Awards, we are looking for emerging artists and cultural practitioners whose innovative work addresses pressing social and/or political issues within their own context.  Recipients are free to invest the Award of €5.000 [...]

Transglobal World Music Chart – Januari

3 januari, 2022|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: TGWMC) 1.  Khöömei Beat · Changys Baglaash · ARC Music (5) 2. Susana Baca · Palabras Urgentes · Real World (2) 3. Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita · Suba · Bendigedig (1) 4. Justin Adams & Mauro Durante · Still Moving · Ponderosa Music (3) 5. Monsieur Doumani · Pissourin · Glitterbeat (4) 6. Xanthoula Dakovanou · Lamenta · Quart de Lune (13) 7. Orquestra Afrosinfônica · Orin, a Língua dos Anjos · Máquina de Louco (11) 8. Petrona Martínez · Ancestras · Chaco World Music (7) 9. Cumbia 20 de Enero & Leyendas Cañamilleras del Caribe · La Caña de Millo: Voz Histórica y Silenciada de la Cumbia · Chaco World Music (9) 10. Omar Péne · Climat · Contre-Jour (21) 11. Shujaat Husain Khan, Katayoun Goudarzi, [...]

Transglobal World Music Chart – December

2 december, 2021|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: TGWMC) 1.  Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita · Suba · Bendigedig (3) 2. Susana Baca · Palabras Urgentes · Real World (1) 3. Justin Adams & Mauro Durante · Still Moving · Ponderosa Music (7) 4. Monsieur Doumani · Pissourin · Glitterbeat (2) 5. Khöömei Beat · Changys Baglaash · ARC Music (15) 6. Fanfare Ciocărlia · It Wasn’t Hard to Love You · Asphalt Tango (4) 7. Petrona Martínez · Ancestras · Chaco World Music (5) 8. Shujaat Husain Khan, Katayoun Goudarzi, Shaho Andalibi & Shariq Mustafa · This Pale · Lycopod (6) 9. Cumbia 20 de Enero & Leyendas Cañamilleras del Caribe · La Caña de Millo: Voz Histórica y Silenciada de la Cumbia · Chaco World Music (-) 10. AySay · Su Akar · [...]

Belgian World Music Network meeting in Brussel – uitgesteld

26 november, 2021|Internationaal, Nieuws|

(Bron: Belgian World Music Network - BMMN) update: Jullie terugzien, we hadden er zoveel zin in.  Maar gezien de recente COVID-situatie en -regels willen we geen risico’s nemen. Daarom hebben we besloten om onze BWMN Meeting die voorzien was op 9 december, uit te stellen. Zodra we een nieuwe datum hebben, brengen we jullie op de hoogte. Bedankt voor jullie loyaliteit, we hopen jullie snel terug te zien. Op de agenda: - Nieuws van het netwerk - Een conferentie: Duurzame mobiliteit in een post-Covid-tijdperk - Workshops (TBC): Mijn rechten en Sabam Kunstenaars: welke acties op touw zetten binnen het BWMN? Welke plaats voor wereldmuziek in culturele centra? Strijd [...]

Support #bringbackmusic

26 november, 2021|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: Music Without Borders) After two years of scaling down, we need your support to bring back music in 2022. As the pandemic hit the world, our focus shifted to survival - keeping our programs going, whether scaled down, hybrid, or online. This was vital, as music is a lifeline for many of our participants in places still suffering the wounds of war. To give a small update on our work: our long-term music projects in the Balkans, Rwanda, and El Salvador continue successfully this year. We launched new projects in Jordan and Palestine in 2021, and are in the process of relaunching a refugee program with new [...]

Tanzaniaanse choreograaf Samwel Japhet ontvangt Prins Claus Seed Award

25 november, 2021|Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: Afrovibes) Tanzaniaanse choreograaf Samwel Japhet ontvangt Prince Claus Seed Award Het Prins Claus Fonds heeft in oktober 100 artiesten en kunstenaars uit 65 landen voor een Prince Claus Seed Award geselecteerd. Zij kunnen volgens het Fonds als belangrijke trendsetters worden gezien in de internationale kunst en cultuur. De Tanzaniaanse choreograaf Samwel Japhet die zijn dansvoorstelling ‘A Moment-Wakati’ presenteerde bij Afrovibes, is geselecteerd als een van de 100 inspirerende artiesten die deze Award heeft gekregen. We zijn trots dat Samwel Japhet als een van de deelnemers aan het Afrovibes festival door het Prins Claus Fonds is geselecteerd voor een Seed Award. A Moment-Wakati is nog te zien via [...]

Call for applications: Residency for displaced artists – deadline 21 November

18 november, 2021|Call, English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: Music in Africa) Academy in Exile (AiE) in Berlin, Germany, is accepting applications for its 2021-22 international artists-in-residence programme. AiE is primarily intended for displaced cultural producers, and preference will be given to those with an at-risk status. The programme will offer three-month fellowships to a filmmaker, videographer, sound artist and visual artist to work on the theme, Fixing What’s Broken. Applicants should be cultural producers who advocate on behalf of human rights, democracy and the pursuit of free expression and/or who have been displaced because of their professional work. The monthly stipend amounts to €2 500 (about $2 850). AiE is unable to provide studio space or supplemental [...]