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Classical:NEXT, de Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 26–29 May 2021

New Beginnings

Here we are, once again, at a point of transition. In the North, summer turns into autumn and in the global South, winter turns into spring. But at Classical:NEXT, we see the start of an entirely new season that exists between the falling of the autumnal leaves and the blooming of spring flowers. In this season, we reflect on what we’ve learnt, turn quick-fix solutions into longterm strategies, gather energy from our successes and re-open the platform for discovery. We launch a new season for the art music scene that mixes the old with the new, sets a new standard for innovation and begins a new cycle of music, thought and global exchange. 

With the postponement of Classical:NEXT 2020, much of the programme remains intact and we already look forward to the many Jury-selected Showcases and Conference Sessions that will take place at De Doelen in Rotterdam in May 2021. But as the global gathering of art music professionals, the programme would not be complete without a mention of all that has taken place in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. For that reason, we are opening our Call for Proposals, seeking specifically COVID-19-induced innovations. 

What new concert formats, new ways of working, survival strategies, mindsets or artistic approaches have developed in our new reality? What has been proven to work? What has not?

If you or someone you know has a project, topic, showcase and/or experience you think is worth sharing, then we want to hear from you! Proposals have the option of being considered for the on-site event in Rotterdam in May and/or to feature within the year-round Classical:NEXT online content. What you prefer is entirely up to you! Submit your proposal through our dedicated website.

The deadline to submit a proposal is midnight (CEST) on Friday, 16 October 2020

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