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Three weeks ahead of its opening, we unveil highlights of our online Midem Africa programme which will feature exclusive keynotes from the region’s leading players, including a power players’ keynote from Warner, data intelligence insights from MRC Data, a deep dive into the global smash hit ‘Jerusalema’ with Nomcebo and an exclusive talk with Focalistic on the global rise of Amapiano. Nigerian superstar Mr Eazi will also address the audience in a must-see keynote.
Free and open to all, Midem Africa will take place on the Midem Digital platform, from 28 June to 01 July
All you need to do is register on Midem Digital to access all the sessions and add them to your schedule.

Through a series of buzzing panels, presentations and keynotes, leading artists and execs from all corners of the continent will share their insights into the key trends and most exciting stories from their markets. Key talking points will include: Understanding African markets and music consumption patterns; The creation of a pan-African music industry, The impact of digital and social media on the internationalisation of African music genres, and the African music techecosystem.
Business accelerator programme
This four-day initiative focusing on talent development will explore the keys to success in the region’s industry, helping and supporting those in the DIY sector to navigate an ever-changing but exciting environment, including: – “How to monetise your Music” in association with SmartistU, “Why entourage is key to success” in association with Women in Music, “How to promote your music” in association with Fanbase Academy, and “How to leverage business opportunities” in association with Bridges for Music. 
Join official networking sessions
For artists and execs alike, networking is key to growing a career and levelling up business on the continent. Midem will design tailor-made networking sessions to help you navigate in this local, regional and international environment. Join the daily networking session to find out more on how to make the most of the your music catalogue, touring in Africa, how to market your music as an artist, and how to find the best artist and label services.
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Connect with your peers, grow your international network, and start conversations you will be able to pursue all year round on the Midem Digital platform!