(bron: European Folk Network)

On March 1st, the Board of the European Folk Network made this statement, that we want to repeat here:

The European Folk Network celebrates what distinguishes us as people and what we have in common as people. The waging of war undermines these precepts.
Therefore, we condemn in the strongest terms the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the death, destruction, and disruption of everyday lives it has brought. We particularly condemn the violence against civilians, especially children and the vulnerable.

The European Folk Network is a network of musicians, organisations and communities across the whole of Europe and we know that dialogue and not aggression resolves disputes. We invite our members to develop practical steps to support those artists and music professionals, and above all, people, who will suffer from the effects of this war and to work to create a dialogue for peace.

If you are able, you can donate directly to a number of funds at the following URL: https://ukrainewar.carrd.co