As new technology is one of the most important factors that decides the future of the music industry, several panels labelled ESNS Tech will zoom in on the most notable developments during the ESNS Conference.

Andrew Melchior will give a keynote on engaging audiences in the new era of deglobalization and reduced emission lifestyles. The planet is racing to deliver a solution to the environmental degradation caused by climate change. In this age, how can artists effectively create, distribute and promote their work to modern audiences? Conversely, how can audiences engage with music and the arts in a sustainable fashion? Melchior has worked in collaboration alongside artists as Massive Attack as their CTO, to help us understand the realpolitik future for live events and touring in a no compromise manner. He has also advised UK government climate and energy agencies and local government on developing smart energy solutions with partners including IBM, ARM, GE, Alstom and Ceres Power.

Other panels in this sub programme, moderated by Turo Pekari (Music Finland), explore Web 3.0 and its (business) applications such as the Metaverse, data as the driver for growth and innovation, new business models and the latest technology to monetize music and what this all means for the music industry. More info soon!

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