Laden Evenementen


16 maart @ 20:30 - 23:00

The Amsterdam Marimba Weekend is all about the melodic percussion instrument marimba and vibraphone. It features some of the oldest variants, such as the Afro-Caribbean marimbula and calabash, but also the latest and most advanced instruments. On this night called Ladies Vibe Out!, we focus on the female star players Patricia Brennan, Sasha Berliner and Tatiana Koleva. Special guests include Zhivko Vasilev, Noel Brennan and Vernon Chatlein.

Patricia Brennan

Marimba and vibraphone player Patricia Brennan is being hailed as one of the new leaders of the instrument, as noticed by The New York City Jazz Record. She grew up in Veracruz and since her youth she has immersed herself in the rich musical culture of Mexico. Patricia’s quest for freedom of expression has led her to expand the limits and possibilities of her instruments through improvisation, live electronics and her own compositions. The result is an enchanting world of sound that she is going to take us into with her electroacoustic duo MOCH.

Sasha Berliner

Described as a ‘young master of the mallets’ by JazzTimes, twenty-something Sasha Berliner is an award-winning vibraphone player and composer from New York. She has already shared the stage with the likes of Christian McBride, Tyshawn Sorey, Marcus Gilmore, and Cecile Mclorin Salvant. Sasha Recently released her second album Onyx, which has been described as lively and unapologetically avant-garde. During the festival Sasha will perform with a band put together specially for the occasion.

Tatiana Koleva

Renowned as a virtuoso and innovator of marimba and percussion, Tatiana Koleva has premiered over 130 varied works that were created especially for her solo and ensemble projects. Her performance style has been described by the press as ‘very energetic with intriguing rhythms and surprising musical developments.’ She is the founder and artistic director of the Amsterdam Marimba Weekend and the prize-winning formation The (Youth) Percussion Pool. With Zhivko Vasilev she forms a new duo that is inspired by the rhythm and vocal music of their native country Bulgaria.

Patricia Brennan, Tatiana Koleva, Sasha Berliner marimba, Vernon Chatlein percussion
Special guests: Zhivko Vasilev kaval, Noel Brennan drums

16 maart @ 20:30 - 23:00