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Magic Carpet Sessions, Ethnic Jazz with AVA and SAMASA

31 mei 2018 @ 20:30 - 23:50

In search of a sound bridging their homelands of Italy and Turkey, AVA takes inspiration from the ancient as well as the current Mediterranean cultures, blending the folk musics lore with an avant-garde flair.
The multinational trio presents a broad spectrum of textures in their compositions, offering a new approach to instrumental folk music.
Music from an imaginary country.

Giuseppe Doronzo – baritone sax
Pino Basile – percussion
Esat Ekincioğlu – double bass

A wonderful blend of oriental music, funk and jazz with Indian vocal scat, sarod licks on electric guitar, piano chords in a raga.
In the improvisations on guitar and vocals, crossovers can be found between various musical styles and Indian music.

Wullur has developed her own style inspired by the rubato singing from the alap of Indian music and Sundanese vocals from Bandung, her birth city in Indonesia. When it comes to up tempo music, she crosses between the Balinese gamelan and the Indian rhythmic vocal scat. As a composer she makes arrangements of the original Indian compositions (including Tagore songs) with chords inspired by modal music.

Baaijens compositions are based on the Indian raga with their typical selections of pitches and melodic figures, larded with the tihais (rhythmic breaks). With jazz musicians Huffelen on bass and Kim Weemhof on drums, this music has become an eastern branch of jazz, hence the name ‘oriental jazz’.

Sinta Wullur – voice & piano
Martijn Baaijens – guitar & sarod
Daniël van Huffelen – double bass
Kim Weemhof – drums

Doors open: 19.30 PM
Music: 20.30 PM
Tickets: 10 EUR

31 mei 2018 @ 20:30 - 23:50