As they have done many times before, inJazz partner World Music Forum NL will contribute to the conference through a panel talk with a world view. From three angles – the festival, education and music practice – the panel will shed a light on the local world scene and its vast crossover with jazz in melting pot Rotterdam.

Barcelona and Lisbon alike, world harbour Rotterdam is a world heaven where old roots transform into new musical routes. With a lord mayor of Moroccan descent and a multinational population it offers fertile grounds for musical innovation. Not only reflected in festivals such as the NN North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam United and Zomerfestival. But also fuelled by Grounds Podium & WMDC (World Music & Dance Centre), a unique hotspot to study flamenco, tango and Latin. Moreover, Rotterdam is called ‘the 10th island of Cape Verde’. Here Morabeza Records started, first label of both Bonga and Cesaria Evora and part of a lively Cape Verdean community. Urban culture is cooking in this Rhythm-dam. The three speakers know how to cook: what is their secret recipe to navigate through covid-19-times?

Oscar van der Pluijm, Director, WMDC/GROUNDS (NL)
Claudia Raven, Artistic Director, DUCOS Productions (NL)
Carlos Matos, artist-composer (CV/NL)

Stan Rijven, music journalist, Artistic Director, World Music Forum NL (NL)

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