EXIB Música, a music market with a conscience.

The gateway to Europe for the diversity of Ibero-America.

An exhibition specializing in music from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal that promotes the sharing of goods and services based on cooperation, diversity, and identity.

EXIB Música focuses on PROMOTING music, on COMMITMENT to content, on the expression of DIVERSITY, on sharing goods and services in the INDUSTRY and on stressing the value of music in its original languages as a contribution to the IDENTITY of Ibero-American peoples.

The high artistic standard of the music on show and the importance of its content make this a special event of great importance for positioning and disseminating the musical diversity of Ibero-America.

The international music industry is changing rapidly, as indeed is the economic and social situation of the region that concerns us here. This has led us to consolidate the platform in tune with the times and to bring new initiatives into changes in the music industry, so that it is more in line with local and international reality, more in tune with the many different identities involved and more capable of supporting values such as cooperation.

After three editions of the event, the balance sheet could hardly be more favourable: growth has been exponential, but responsible, dedicated and committed. And we are proud of it!

More info:
Contact in the Netherlands: Beatriz Aguiar 
website: exibmusica.com