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2020 saw the introduction of Global Music Match, a world-first collaboration created by founding partners Sounds Australia, Showcase Scotland Expo and East Coast Music Association (ECMA), along with export organisations and showcase events from around the world. 96 artists from 14 countries participated in the first edition.

Find out more here:

Global Music Match Website

Team England – Global Music Match

Through social media and peer-to-peer collaboration, GMM advanced opportunities and networks internationally, and encouraged cross border artist collaboration by connecting musicians from around the world, creating new audiences in a range of international locations, providing a groundwork for future international touring development.

Applications are now open for artists interested in taking part in the next edition of Global Music Match. It’s a 16-week, artist driven program, designed to establish real life connections between export-ready artists.

Through these introductions artists will enhance their social media skill sets,

interact with new audiences, create new and engaging content and have the opportunity to work together to create musical collaborations on a global scale.

You have until Friday 16th April to apply for the 16-week intensive program that commences on Thursday 13th May 2021. For more information, and to apply, please head to the website and link below.


Deadline Friday 16th April