World Music forum NL presenteert  jaarlijks een aantal onderscheidende, talentvolle in Nederland gevestigde world-acts. Dit keer geselecteerd door juryleden: Loubna El Boujoufi (TivoliVredenburg) Francis de Souza (Podium de X/ Houtfestival), en Danka van Dodewaard (Amsterdam Roots Festival). Dareyn Ensemble, SonCe Trio en FakRuTu Dakar Edition spelen op 1 november 2022 in TivoliVredenburg – tijdens het Jubileum van World Music Forum NL, met Expertmeeting en concerten.
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World Music forum NL annually presents a number of distinctive, talented world acts based in the Netherlands. This time selected by jurors: Loubna El Boujoufi (TivoliVredenburg) Francis de Souza (Podium de X/ Houtfestival), and Danka van Dodewaard (Amsterdam Roots Festival). Dareyn Ensemble, SonCe Trio and FakRuTu Dakar Edition will play at TivoliVredenburg on 1 November 2022 – during the Jubilee of World Music Forum NL, with Expertmeeting and concerts.
For tickets and more info go to WMF NL 15 jaar- Oog op de Toekomst 

SonCe trio
FaKruTu Dakar Edition

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SonCe Trio

In the Dutch delta of the Netherlands three different musical streams from Ukrain, Spain and Turkey transformed into SonCe. Their unconventional interplay of cello, synthesizers and wind instruments support the Ukrainian folk repertoire of eclectic singer Maryana Golovchenko. SonCe stands for the sun. Their mesmerising perfomance is both overshadowed and enforced by the current Ukrainian war.

Cengiz Arslanpay (TR/NL) – woodwinds, synthesizers
Maryanka Golovchenko (UA/NL) – vocal
Pau Sola Masafrets (Cataluña, SP/NL) – cello






Emine Bostanci is an award-winning classical kemenche- and Cretan lyra performer. Her project ‘Dareyn’ combines the mystical sound of the kemenche – originating from Istanbul and the Silk Road – and the sound of the cello in a contemporary fashion. With cellist Maya Fridman she blends their vocal talents with each others instrumental expertise plus Modar Salama on percussion. Dareyn creates dialogues where unspoken narratives are present in the imagination of each listener.

Maya Fridman: cello/zang (RU/NL)
Emine Bostanci: kemenche/Cretan lyra/zang (TR/NL)
Modar Salama: percussie set (SYR/NL)

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FaKruTu Dakar Edition

FaKruTu Dakar Edition is a musical experience stretching from Dakar to Amsterdam. A passioned powerhouse of established musicians from Senegal, the Netherlands and the United States. Senegalese percussion and songs mixed with eclectic & electric grooves from the FaKruTu Trio. The band has gained a reputation for highly energetic and soulful shows bringing the audience to their feet.

Sean Fasciani  (NL)- bass
Stefan Kruger  (NL)- drums
Mark Tuinstra  (NL)- guitar
Mola Sylla (SN/ NL) – vocals
Oké Sène (SN/ NL)- percussion
Bao Sissoko (SN/ NL)- kora

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