Announcement international
festival line-up + Cape Verde panel

In less than two months inJazz takes over Rotterdam! Excited to see which international acts will perform? Check out the Europe inJazz section of the festival. Visiting the conference? We have added the vibrant panel ‘Rotterdam, the 10th island of Cape Verde’ to the programme. Also, make sure to buy your Early Bird Ticket before the end of this month (great discount!).

Europe inJazz – festival line-up

We proudly announce the Europe inJazz section of our festival line-up! Local bands selected by programmers of various prestigious European festivals such as Reykjavik Jazzfestival, Jazz North and Like A Jazz Machine Festival. Check them out on 27 and 28 June in Rotterdam: Alarmist (IE), BOBBY Rausch (DE), KALI TRIO (CH), LoLanders (GB/NL), MDC III (BE), Michel Meis 4tet (LU), Month of Sundays (AT), OZMA (FR), Ponyland (GB), Scott McLemore 4tet (IS), Takoushis Karapatakis Project (CY), Toni Vaquer Sextet (ES) and Travelers (IT). You can visit the festival free of charge.

‘Rotterdam, the 10th island of Cape Verde’

Contrary to its dry image, the Cape Verde Islands offer fertile futures for many a musical movement. By founding his own label Lusafrica (1988) and the Kriol Jazz Festival (2009) Capeverdean music spread all over the globe. And fused again with jazz as CaboCubaJazz-bandleader Carlos Matos from Rotterdam can tell. Carlos Gonçalves curates the Morabeza catalogue which fully digitalized has been presented (2018) by the Dutch king to the president of Cape Verde. Moreover, morna will this year be proposed by Gonçalves as an Unesco Immatarial Heritage. Join this vibrant panel with moderator Sonya Dias and panellists José da Silva (director Kriol Jazz Festival, label manager Lusafrica), Carlos Gonçalves (curator Morabeza Records) and Carlos Matos (composer/ band leader CaboCubaJazz). Please note: for the conference a registration is needed. Make sure to buy your Early Bird Ticket before the end of this month!