Holland’s celebrated showcase, conference and network event will be hosted online on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 June. Do join us for a virtual version of inJazz! You can now check out the conference programme, the festival line-up and timetables. Don’t forget to sign up for the conference sessions. First come, first serve.

Rotterdam, Rhythm-dam: heartbeat of many musical worlds
inJazz partner World Music Forum NL will contribute to the conference through a panel talk with a world view. From three angles – the festival, education and music practice – the panel will shed a light on the local world scene and its vast crossover with jazz in melting pot Rotterdam.

Oscar van der Pluijm, Director, WMDC/GROUNDS (NL)
Claudia Raven, Artistic Director, DUCOS Productions (NL)
Carlos Matos, artist-composer (CV/NL)

Stan Rijven, music journalist, Artistic Director, World Music Forum NL (NL)
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