Blog by panel member Rajae El Mouhandiz

In May 2019 Moroccan-Dutch migration will celebrate its 50th anniversary. At the conference there will be a discussion of the lively festival scene in Morocco. About why the best Moroccan musicians in the world, in jazz and experimental music, live and work in the Netherlands. The panel ‘Moroccan Moods’, in collaboration with World Music Forum, will also talk about the activities of the Moroccan music industry and about making it possible for musicians and their (often mixed) groups to play in Morocco. Multidisciplinary artist Rajae El Mouhandiz is one of the panel members. She recently wrote a blog about this subject, especially for inJazz. Check the event here.

[photo: Rajae El Mouhandiz by Sander Stoepker]


International panels at inConference

Every year the inJazz conference is becoming more and more international. For the 2017 edition we are looking mainly at the countries surrounding the Netherlands. People often think that the jazz scene is universal, but there are so many differences! For instance, one English programmer spoke about different regions in his country where you even find different types of agents. Where is a Dutch artist supposed to start and how? The professionals we have invited for the panels are very well informed. They know the ins and outs in their country but they also work beyond their country’s borders. Read more about our German panel, Belgian panel, French panel, UK panel and its panel members.


Playlist inFestival line-up

Interested in a sneak preview of the showcases? We have compiled a Spotify playlistfor you of all national and international artists who will perform during inJazz. Just so you can enjoy – at home, in the car, at college or while doing your sport – emerging talents and established names who will be performing live on 22 and 23 June 2017 in LantarenVenster and Kantine Walhalla in Rotterdam.

[photo: BRUUT!]

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