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National Governments, the European Commission and World Leaders Must Support European Cultural Organisations to Continue Collaboration with Ukraine At All Costs

The European Cultural Community is united in condemning the horrifying invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We deplore in the most absolute terms the damage caused to a free country and express our unwavering solidarity with the people of Ukraine – our friends, our colleagues, our artistic and cultural partners. We also express our solidarity with those in Russia who oppose the war and the actions of Vladimir Putin.

We are extremely concerned about the impact of the invasion on civil society. Over the past decade we have developed deep ties with counterpart organisations in Ukraine – supporting ongoing dialogue and artistic exchange, a thriving democracy, and long-term collaboration with future generations through flagship civil society initiatives such as the EU’s Eastern Partnership.

This dialogue is essential to the promotion of peace in Ukraine. Ongoing international collaboration must be supported at all costs.

We the undersigned urge national, European and global stakeholders to make funds and support measures available so that cultural and other civil society organisations can continue to actively support Ukrainian colleagues. Our organisations are ready to receive and host artists, to stage performances, to organise events, to inform and facilitate access to resources, to advocate for a peaceful solution.

But we cannot do this alone.

We stress that the European cultural sector is united and that you can count on us. We will not allow the aggression of one Head of State to destroy the peace and connections that have flourished and been nurtured in recent years. Let’s show that together we are committed to promoting dialogue, mutual respect, and artistic freedom.

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Initially signed by:

  • Heidi Wiley, Executive Director, The European Theatre Convention (ETC)
  • Serge Rangoni, President ETC, General Manager & Artistic Director, Théâtre de Liège
  • Iris Laufenberg, Vice-President ETC, General Manager & Artistic Director, Schauspielhaus Graz
  • Paulien Geerlings, Vice-President ETC, Head Dramaturge, De Toneelmakerij
  • Cláudia Belchior, Treasurer ETC, President of the Executive Board,Teatro Nacional D. Maria II
  • Joachim Klement, Secretary ETC, Intendant / Artistic Director, Staatsschauspiel Dresden
  • Barbara Ferrato, Board Member ETC, Head of Artistic, Planning and Education, Teatro Stabile di Torino
  • Dubravka Vrgoč, Board Member ETC, General Manager & Artistic Director, Croatian National Theatre Zagreb
  • Marko Bratuš, Board Member ETC, Artistic Director, SNG Nova Gorica
  • Bettina Pesch, Board Member ETC, Administrative Director & Deputy General Director, Theater Magdeburg
  • Ulrich Khuon, Intendant & Artistic Director, Deutsches Theater Berlin
  • Nicholas Payne, Director, Opera Europa
  • Tere Badia, Secretary General, Culture Action Europe
  • Morten Gjelten, President, PEARLE*-Live Performance Europe
  • Anita Debaere, Director, PEARLE*-Live Performance Europe
  • Regina Guhl, General Secretary, E:UTSA
  • Iphigenia Taxopoulou, General Secretary, mitos21
  • Sue Giles, President, ASSITEJ – The International Association of Theatre for Children & Young People
  • Louis Valente, Secretary General, ASSITEJ – The International Association of Theatre for Children & Young People
  • Marie Le Sourd, Secretary General, On the Move
  • Simone Dudt, Secretary General, EMC – European Music Council
  • Ruth Jakobi, Secretary General, EMC – European Music Council
  • Yvonne Büdenhölzer, President, ITI – International Theatre Institute German Centre
  • Dr. Thomas Engel, Director, ITI – International Theatre Institute German Centre
  • Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar, Head of International Development – Circostrada Network Coordinator, ARTCENA
  • Jan Briers, President, European Festival Association
  • Ulrike Kuner, President, European Association of Independent Performing Arts 
  • Matthieu Philibert, Director of Public Affairs, IMPALA
  • Giambattista Tofoni, General Manager, Europe Jazz Network
  • Marc du Moulin, Secretary General, ECSA
  • Helienne Lindvall, President, ECSA
  • Thomas Ostermeier, Artistic Director, Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz Berlin, PROSPERO
  • Tobias Veit, Executive Director, Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz Berlin, PROSPERO