(bron: KAMS)

Center Stage Korea (CSK), initiated and organized by Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS), is a partnership with international presenters. In cooperation with festivals, venues and networks, Center Stage Korea introduces Korea’s diverse performances to audiences around the world, thus strengthening cultural enrichment, mutual understanding and exchange in the field of arts.

Who can apply:

– International presenters (in charge of a festival, venue or network) seeking to organize a program featuring Korean artists/groups
– The applicants must have a strong alternative plan and a preparation plan for COVID-19

Eligible project

– The proposed project must remunerate Korean artists/groups appropriately
– The proposed project must start and end between January 2022 and December 2023
– Projects that start in 2023 are to provide Korean artist/groups with finncial support in 2023

Meer info over de criteria kun je hier vinden.