2-5 JUNE 2020, midem.com
Last week, we made our first announcement of content of the Midem Digital Edition, which will begin on 2 June, 2020.
Today, we are pleased to make exciting new announcements, including a new call for music submissions to be reviewed by respected A&Rs and conversations around music supervision and artists’ health.
For those of you hearing about the Midem Digital Edition for the first time, know that this event will be free to artists and music executives from around the world. It aims to bring the global music community together, to get a better understanding of what faces our industry and enable you to seize new business opportunities and partnerships.
How do you access this amazing content? Midem Digital will be open for registration the week commencing 25 May, 2020. Complete details of how to enjoy the event will be shared soon.
Learn all about music supervision for films and television at
Lynn Fainchtein’s keynote
Lynn Fainchtein, co-founder of Casete Agricultura Digital and the influential music supervisor behind enthralling films and television shows like Roma, The Revenant and Birdman, will be keynoting for the very first time during the Midem Digital Edition. Lynn will share the discussion with Jesper Gadeberg, award winning music supervisor specialized in advertising, to talk about how Music Sync for Film/TV & ad formats can support even more artists during this COVID-19 world crisis among other topics.
Hear about successful experiences and best practices to help protect artists’ health during difficult times
Music is a profession of passion, and the difficult circumstances of the current pandemic are having a huge impact on the economical and emotional stability of most professionals in our sector. Many artists are facing issues with mental health, harassment and fear of the future.
What best practices and successful experiences are out there to inspire us?
The panel is hosted by the International Artist Organisation (IAO).