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Full Jury Selected Showcase + Club Summit + Lusofónica Stage WOMEX, Porto, Portugal, 27 – 31 October 2021

Berlin/Porto: Piranha Arts, the producers of WOMEX, along with AMG Music, the local partners for WOMEX 21 in Porto, today reveal the complete Jury-selected Showcase artists, Lusofónica Stage (the Regional stage) and the Club Summit line-up. To date, the upcoming 27th edition of WOMEX in Porto features 50  artists representing 40 countries, not including the offWOMEX line-up and the WOMEX Award recipients that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Due to travel restrictions and physical lockdowns around the world, for the second consecutive year, the WOMEX 21 Jury met online to select the Official Showcase Programme. This year’s Club Summit curator, Juan Ortiz de Zaldumbide, co-founder and partner of M3 Music, the management company behind the global success of Latin alternative and electronic music artists such as Bomba Estéreo, Mitú, and many others, along with WOMEX Showcase team hand-picked the upcoming DJs and electronic music producers from the underground scenes around the world for the Club Summit programme.

Since 1994, WOMEX provides a global platform for emerging and established artists of all generations, styles and diversity – artists who are breaking the boundaries, traversing borders, reinventing the genres through their sounds, creativity, collaborations, and musical productions. This year’s selected artists will have a chance to present their take on traditional and contemporary musical creations, folk and urban sounds, acoustic and electronic compositions, new roots, and inter-cultural endeavours in front of an international WOMEX community consisting of music journalists, festival bookers, agents, music publishers and labels, tour operators and other global music professionals.

As ever, WOMEX is committed to providing visibility to all of the Jury-selected artists, including those who may be unable to attend in person this year. The WOMEX team is working hard coordinating with 100s of speakers, artists and their management to bring a diverse and balanced programme together in Porto. Due to ever-changing circumstances, and potential travel restrictions, the final line-up may vary from the full Jury selection; however, the programme will be balanced with world-class artists and speakers from regions with unrestricted travel.

The Regional Stage: Lusofónica Stage

Continuing the annual tradition of representing and supporting talents from the host country and its connections, this year’s edition of the WOMEX programme will once again feature a regional stage: ‘Lusofónica’. Nine artists will perform live at São João National Theatre in Porto representing eight countries including Portugal,  drawn from the community of Lusophone nations (Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Macau, Cabo Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe) as well as from Galicia and from the Lusophone diaspora.

The Lusofónica Stage is supported by our cultural partner SPA, the Portuguese songwriters’ copyright society.


The second set of Jury-selected WOMEX 21 Showcase artists are:

  • Antonio Castrignanó & Taranta Sounds (Italy)
  • Bokanté (Guadeloupe/USA/Canada)
  • Cimafunk (Cuba)
  • Kobo Town (Trinidad & Tobago/Guyana/Canada)
  • Lova Lova (DR Congo/France)
  • Scúru Fitchádu (Cabo Verde/Portugal)

Club Summit

  • Apichat Pakwan (Thailand/The Netherlands)
  • Asna (Côte d’Ivoire/Senegal/France)
  • Chocolate Remix (Argentina)
  • Rastronaut (Portugal)
  • Rincon Sapiençia (Brazil)

Lusofónica Stage (Regional Stage)

  • Ayom (Brazil/Italy/Spain/Portugal)
  • Bandé-Gamboa (Guinea Bissau/Cabo Verde/Portugal)
  • Miroca Paris (Cabo Verde/Portugal)
  • Lina_Raül Refree (Portugal/Spain)
  • Lucas Santtana (Brazil)
  • Lucia de Carvalho (Angola/France)
  • O Gajo (Portugal)
  • Tanxugueiras (Spain)
  • Vitorino (Portugal)