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MOST – the Bridge for Balkan Music brings together representatives of 2×10 festivals and clubs/concert venues each year: ten from the Balkans and ten from other parts of Europe. They will have the chance to visit and work with each other and exchange artists within the framework of the programme.  Their cooperation will be facilitated by a renowned mentor. The exchange will broaden the professional network and artistic scope of both parties involved.

The project’s scope in the Balkan region includes the following countries: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Romania, and Bulgaria. The selected Balkan festivals’ European counterparts may come from anywhere else in the Creative Europe eligible territories.

Please note that the working language of the project is English.

What we offer:

  • cooperation between the applicant and another world music festival / concert venue (or a general festival / concert venue offering a considerable amount of world & folk music in their line-up) from the Balkans and the rest of Europe
  • participation at Budapest Ritmo (April 2022), one of the outstanding world music showcase festivals in the Central European region
  • capacity-building and networking opportunities in the frame of Budapest Ritmo
  • one-on-one mentorship programme with some of the most recognised music professionals from Europe
  • support for co-curation of artistic programming between the festival/club pairs
  • networking opportunities with European music professionals from all over the continent

What we cover*:

  • financial contribution to the mutual visits between the festival/club pairs: travel and accommodation costs, festival passes
  • artist exchange in the framework of the tandem cooperation: artist fees including travel costs of the artists
  • participation at Budapest Ritmo 2022: travel and accommodation costs (for 1 representative of each participating festival/club)

*The amount of financial support is defined by taking into consideration the recommendations and rules of the Creative Europe programme. Some caps on financial support might be introduced to ensure equal opportunities for all selected participants.

 Selection criteria:

  • How established is your festival / concert venue (audience numbers, number of concerts, etc.)
  • Current representation/share of world music at your festival/club
  • Proven motivation (based on motivation letter)
  • Personal track record and track record of the festival / concert venue (based on CV and past editions’ material)
  • Growth potential (audience / personnel)
  • Necessary skills for cooperation (language, etc.)
  • Geographical diversity (with the goal to represent the entire focus region of the programme as listed above)
  • Diversity of selected professionals by gender and other background

How to apply

  • Please fill out the application form below
  • Deadline for submission: 12 December 2021

Indicative timetable

Publication of the Call  – 10 November 2021
Deadline for submitting applications – 12 December 2021
Programme kick-off: beginning of 2022

Timeline of activities:

1, CALL – November 2021: An open call will be announced for festivals / concert venues to apply for the Festival & Club Exchange Programme.

2, SELECTION – December 2021: The Board selects 10 festivals / concert venues from the Balkans and 10 festivals / concert venues from the rest of Europe. The pairs of festivals / clubs will be coordinated by the Board, taking into consideration applicants’ preferences.

3, KICK-OFF MEETING – April 2022: The representatives of the selected festivals / concert venues will meet the expert network of MOST – including bookers, promoters, festival representatives, etc. – at Budapest Ritmo (Hungary). They will have the opportunity to get to know each other and their tandem pairs.

4, EXCHANGE PROGRAMME – all year long, 2022: During the exchange, the festivals / concert venues co-curate each other’s artistic programmes by sending / recommending an artist from their home country to their pair festival / venue. Their cooperation will be facilitated by a renowned mentor.

5, FESTIVAL / CLUB VISITS – all year long, 2022: The 10 pairs will receive financial support for visiting each other’s festival / venue.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) disclaimer

In view of the current international situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we reserve the right to make changes in the content of the programme. Events that are affected by travel restrictions might be postponed or held online.

Re-application of MOST participants

The alumni of the Festival & Club Exchange (FEX) pillar may reapply for Round 2 (they will receive new pairs). Persons who have been previously involved in other pillars of MOST (BME, MT, POLICY) are also eligible to apply to the Festival & Club pillar. However, priority will be given to those who have not yet participated in the project.

[1] This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.

Open call

MOST brings together representatives of 2×10 festivals; ten from the Balkans, and 10 from other parts of Europe each year. They will have the chance to visit, work with, and exchange artists within the framework of the program. The exchange will broaden the professional network and artistic scope of all parties involved.


Selected Festivals


Check out the participating festivals and fiestas! They are the first round in the Festival Exchange pillar of the MOST Music programme selected in the year 2020. These festivals will work in pairs to facilitate exchange of information, resources, and best practices between Balkan festivals and the rest of Europe. Let’s get the party started!

See the Festivals



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