(bron: Mundial Montréal)

November weather won’t prevent us from planting seeds…

This year, we are building a virtual platform offering a 10-day window for connecting as well as a focused 2-day long virtual event that will include networking, artist spotlights, panels and more.

Our goal is to highlight the human element that is so often overlooked in industry events. We are a community with so many experiences and struggles, and sharing insights into our lives will help us come out of this year stronger and more prepared for the challenges of the future.

Watch for additional opportunities to connect before and after our event!

A word from Derek Andrews (Artistic Director) :

“The 10th anniversary edition of Mundial Montréal will not be the party we planned due to a wicked worldwide virus that has crashed economies and put the music industry into a tailspin.

Mundial Montréal has become an essential stop in the planning calendar of Canadian and International festivals, concert presenters and many others, so it would be a shame to not provide support to a wounded community looking for direction.

To fill the void created by live events Mundial Montréal plans to engage our community with virtual programming and tool designed with the same high-quality curatorial precision and skill that has made our reputation.”