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Third year in a row – we are proud to announce that the Central European University’s Summer University Program (CEU SUN) and the Forum for Folk Arts Fund is hosting the Music as Heritage summer course between the 28 June and 6 July, 2021! 

Following last year’s wildly successful online edition, in 2021 the 9-day-long Music as Heritage: An Interdisciplinary Approach in Theory and Practice course takes a deep dive in musical heritage, heritage management, digital ethnomusicology research, and more.

We are very proud to host our modern musicology course with support from experts: CEU lecturers, Bard College and SOAS faculty members, as well as leading scholars in the field such as Jonathan Stock from University College Cork and Martin Stokes from King’s College London.

Application is open – please share the news and don’t hesitate to send in your application! More information is available on the CEU SUN website. 

DEADLINE: 22 March, 2021

BARTÓK COOL PLAYLISTIn the 2021 Music as Heritage course at CEU SUN we focus on Béla Bartók, influential 20th century composer and one of the forefathers of modern ethnomusicology, born 140 years ago.His work is a source of inspiration that never seems to run out, his undeniable relevance is why we study him – and why we listen to his music. Check out our favorite pieces!