Following the successful digital, interactive BEFORE highlights, then two years disrupted by the pandemic, BABEL MUSIC XP is finally coming back to life!

From 23 – 25 March 2023 in Marseille, the forum devoted to contemporary world music will relaunch its atypical format again – combining an international professional trade fair and a festival open to the public. Over three days, 2 000 music industry professionals will attend a trade fair, establish business, cultural and social links with major players in the field. At a time when the music industry is undergoing significant change, BABEL MUSIC XP offers a platform for exchanging ideas, a place to reflect and develop solutions and create new partnerships at the heart of the music landscape.

By day a trade fair, by night BABEL MUSIC XP turns into a world music festival for professionals and the public – showcasing 30 artists selected by an independent jury presenting a unique array of current musical talent. Thanks to its geographical and strategic position, as well as its well-established regional profile, BABEL MUSIC XP has created an interface between Europe and the South, a Mediterranean hub on the world music map.

Babel an economic and cultural gateway, Music a versatile universal language, XP a totally new experience 23 – 25 March 2023 in Marseille.

Artists’ applications
From 16 Sept - 16 Oct 2022

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