Fira Mediterrània Manresa is the strategic fair for artistic proposals which use root sources, tradition and popular culture as the drivers of creativity.

Fira Mediterrània works with what we call the 360 degrees of the root, starting with the first level, the intangible heritage, continuing through the associations of popular and traditional culture, which start with that heritage and work to connect it with society, and ending with the professional sector, the artists whose creations are based on that tradition. At the Fira, we attach particular importance to the interchange, interrelation and intersection of all of those.

It is a multidisciplinary Fira, where we propose three great itineraries: 

Music: with the Mediterranean stage for world music and folk music showcasing the new productions on the traditional Catalan stage.
Performing arts: including dance, theatre, circus, street arts and proposals for families, based on the intangible heritage and on popular and traditional culture.
Popular culture and associationism, placing emphasis on their relationship with the professional arts sector while taking into account the Mediterranean’s intangible heritage.

Presentation deadline: Thursday 19 January 2023 at 12.00 a.m.

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