Good news for every world music-adjacent musician in Europe, and, especially, in Bulgaria; the popular A to JazZ Festival brings the country’s first-ever world music showcase to Sofia. The country’s capitol welcomes 8 winning acts, to be announced on March 31. Bands are encouraged to sign up via the festival’s website before March 8.

Signing up to A to JazZ’s showcase competition is free for those who meet its criteria. The organization established eight simple rules, including that groups must consist of emerging artists under the age of 35, hail from the EU as well as some other countries, including all Balkan countries and Ukraine, and that the group’s debut album must have been released no more than five years ago, with its total discography not larger than three albums.

Aside from celebrating its debut, being linked to a major festival in the region, and welcoming international delegates among its audience, it is perhaps A to JazZ Showcase organizer Peter Dimitrov’s commitment to equal opportunity that makes the festival stand out most. Successful applicants don’t just get access to panels and training and mentoring sessions, but are offered a travel budget and accommodation, providing a fresh contrast with older pay-to-play opportunities offered across the continent. This way, Dimitrov keeps participation accessible for all; world music for the whole world, if you will.

A to JazZ Showcase Festival, July 6, 2023
Terms & conditions + signup forms via atojazzbg/showcase

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