26th CHIME Conference
University of Music, Drama and Media Hannover
Center for World Music, University of Hildesheim
October 3rd to 6th 2024

Call for Papers - deadline May 5th

Theme: Sustainability and Chinese Music

Urgent contemporary challenges have brought sustainability (可持续性) into sharp focus as a basic concern across musical worlds and research into music and sound. What are the historical and contemporary threats to the vibrancy of traditions and practices in Chinese music (technological, economic, political developments) and how have people acted to secure dynamic futures (heritage work, education, advocacy)? How has Chinese music been affected by acute climate and environmental crisis, and can it become a potent force for change? Against these backdrops, how do individual musicians and researchers build lasting careers?

The meeting will be hosted jointly by the University of Music, Drama and Media Hannover and the Center for World Music, University of Hildesheim. It will last four days, with two days in each location.

Proposal guideline: engaging with the broad theme of sustainability and Chinese music:
1. Individual paper (20 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions): submit an abstract of max. 250 words
2. Panel sessions of three to four papers: submit a panel abstract of max. 250 words plus abstracts of max. 200 words for each contribution
3. Performances, workshops, film screenings or round table discussions: submit an abstract of 250 words; please indicate the length of the contribution

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