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The application for 2024 is open
As part of its goal to increase the appreciation of the music from the cultures of the world, as a tool for the development of people in many areas of life, as well as for joy and pleasure, the Transglobal World Music Chart launched a Festival Awards in 2017.

Note: this award is also open to little festivals with reduced budget. If it is your case, apply and we will work with you to make your assessment possible no matter your economic situation.

Two editions have already been held: 2018 and 2019. In 2020, the Festival Awards was cancelled due to the pandemic. And in 2024 we resumed it and the application period is open all year long.
Find here the procedure, criteria and application form to start the procedure.
These awards consider “world music”, “traditional”, “roots” or whichever other name, music festivals, in the field of activity related to the Transglobal World Music Chart.

From the beginning, the criteria have been publicly defined, easily accessible in our website. These criteria include:

🔸Profound diversity
🔸Opportunities for lesser known artists
🔸Festivalgoer experience
🔸Environmental responsibility
🔸Social responsibility

Deeper explanations and examples of these criteria can be found in our website.

So far, the TWMC Festival Awards have awarded important world music festivals all over the globe, such as WOMADelaide (Australia), Jeunju Sori Festival (Korea), Rainforest World

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