Wij zijn diep geschokt en verontrust over de agressie en het geweld vanuit Rusland jegens Oekraïne. World Music Forum NL onderschrijft als netwerk en platform de statements en hulp-inititatieven vanuit het culturele veld en de muzieksector om al het mogelijke te doen om de burgers van Oekraïne te steunen. Voor een ieder die op zoek is naar een adequate manier om te helpen of steun te betuigen hebben we hieronder een overzicht gemaakt van mogelijkheden en initiatieven die we hebben gesignaleerd. Mocht je relevante initiatieven tegen komen – meld die dan bij ons aan – zodat we deze kunnen delen en toevoegen aan deze overzichtpagina. mail:  info@worldmusicforum.nl 
We are deeply shocked at the aggression and violence from Russia towards Ukraine. As a network and platform, World Music Forum NL supports aid initiatives from the sector and broader cultural field to do everything possible to support the citizens of Ukraine. For anyone who is looking for an adequate way to help or show support, we have made an overview below of the possibilities and initiatives that we have identified. If you come across other relevant initiatives – please report them to us -we will share them  and add them to this overview.


Do you want to promote a benefit concert or event  for Ukraine? Just list the event in our Agenda: worldmusicforum.nl/voeg-world-events-toe/
Make sure to select the option ‘Ukraine’ so that it will be published on this page as well.

Trauma-intensieve steun

Turnado Lucas Dols organiseert sinds begin maart elke week muzikale webinars “trauma-intensieve steun” voor en met psychologen en docenten in Oekraïne. Als jij professionals in Oekraïne kent die mee willen doen, nodig hen uit om te schrijven naar: traumaresponse2022@gmail.com. Ze ontvangen dan ook uitnodigingen.
Lees meer en steun het werk van Lucas en Sounds of Change hier. En luister hier een mooi interview met Lucas bij Radio 1.

Welke rol zou kunst kunnen spelen in de oorlog in Oekraïne?

25 april 13.30-130: Werkmiddag kunst en oorlog Samen met de Akademie van Kunsten en Turnado’s Rikko Voorberg en Lucas Dols, organiseert The Turn Club een middag vol vragen, inspiratiebronnen en kunst waarmee er op zoek wordt gegaan naar verdieping, verbeelding en perspectief binnen de vreselijke oorlog die nu in Europa woedt. In Oekraïne speelt kunst een grote rol bij het houden van moed, het opbeuren van mensen en het bevestigen van onderlinge verbondenheid.

Portretschilder Peter Donkersloot maakte een portret van president Zelensky. Zijn portret is gratis te downloaden als affiche of profielfoto om je steun te betuigen.


The activities and collections undertaken by our sector continues under the name #hArtforUkraine. At its core, this campaign aims to bring people together, show solidarity and provide comfort. Not everyone has the opportunity to make a financial contribution as well, and some have chosen a destination for the donations themselves, which we obviously welcome. More info>>>

RefugeeHelp /Vluchtelingenwerk

The online starting point for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands and everyone who wants to help -check out the website refugeehelp.nl/get-help

EFN Statement about the Invasion of Ukraine

The European Folk Network celebrates what distinguishes us as people and what we have in common as people. The waging of war undermines these precepts.
Therefore, we condemn in the strongest terms the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the death, destruction, and disruption of everyday lives it has brought. We particularly condemn the violence against civilians, especially children and the vulnerable. More info >>>

Ukrainian Artists abroad

European Jazz Network invites all members & communities to support Ukrainian artists & music professionals who will greatly suffer from the devastating effects of this war. They published a list of Ukrainian artists currently residing abroad at this link >>>

WAR in UKRAINE: Emergency resources for artists and cultural workers

ARTISTS at RISK (AR) is a non-profit organization at the intersection of human rights and the arts. Since 2013 AR has been collaborating with arts non-profits and government funders to assist artists who are at risk politically and fleeing oppression and war in 26 locations in 19 countries globally. Check this page to get the right links to help out artists from Ukraine>>>

Alternative ways to donate:

Small local organizations need every penny! Check out the options Alternative ways to donate for Ukraine

#StandWithUkraine – an Album Compilation of music from Ukrainian artists

Maryana Golvochenko – SonCe released #StandWithUkraine – an Album Compilation of music from Ukrainian artists. All proceedings from the album go to charity to support civilians in Ukraine (humanitarian aid). Listen and donate: sonce.bandcamp.com/album/standwithukraine

International Cultural Collaboration with UKRAINE Must Be Supported By World Leaders

National Governments, the European Commission and World Leaders Must Support European Cultural Organisations to Continue Collaboration with Ukraine At All Costs. We the undersigned urge national, European and global stakeholders to make funds and support measures available so that cultural and other civil society organisations can continue to actively support Ukrainian colleagues. Our organisations are ready to receive and host artists, to stage performances, to organise events, to inform and facilitate access to resources, to advocate for a peaceful solution. Check this post for more info and where to sign the petition>>>

Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

Ukrainian Cultural Foundation develops a package of initiatives to support artists in wartime. This was announced by the UCF Executive Director Vladyslav Berkovski during the live broadcast of the national marathon “United News. Together we are strong“.The whole article is here

Chronicals of the Cultural Front -newsletter

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation is releasing a bulletin called Chronicles of the Cultural Front. We did not want to believe a month ago that the invasion of Ukraine would last until today. The fact is that it continues and that many cultural assets are being destroyed and many people are dying, including, of course, people involved in culture. 

Muscians without Borders 
War Divides – Music Connects – based in the Netherlands offers (online) training for musicians to contribute their skills in the peace-process: more info >> musicianswithoutborders.org

Sound of Change  – Trauma support team 
based in the Netherlands –  active on working with traumatised people in conflictarea’s through music and have now involved in a special Trauma Support Project for Ukrain. Check this page, more info>>> soundsofchange.org/trauma-support-team.

Freemuse- (freemuse.org) is an independent international non-governmental organisation advocating for freedom of artistic expression and cultural diversity. Freemuse has United Nations Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council (UN-ECOSOC) and Consultative Status with UNESCO.

IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts fiercely condemns Putin’s regime invasion into Ukraine. As advocates of freedom and democracy, IETM stands in solidarity with Ukraine, its people, its artistic community and our Ukrainian members. Our hearts go out to our Ukrainian colleagues and friends who are fighting for their freedom and for their lives. A united international network, IETM speaks against conflict, injustice and violence, and for dialogue, understanding and peace. IETM encourages donations to organisations who are offering humanitarian aid in Ukraine. The whole list of organisations here.