(bron: Andrea Parodi Foundation)

The notice of the 14th edition of Premio Andrea Parodi is open; it’s the only European contest for World Music artists. The finals will be held in autumn, and the finals of the 13th edition, which had been suspended because of the healthy emergency, will be recovered as soon as possible.

The notice is available online on the web site www.fondazioneandreaparodi.it; it is addressed to artists coming from all over the world. The registration is free, and the deadline is 31st May 2021.

Applications must be sent through the format found online on www.fondazioneandreaparodi.it (for information: fondazione.andreaparodi@gmail.com).

It must contain:
– 2 tracks (2 mp3 files, auditions or live recordings or definitive achievements, indicate which of the two tracks will be the chosen competition song);

– lyrics and translations into Italian of the two pieces;

– artistic curriculum (single or group);

The Artistic Commission established by the Foundation will select from five to ten finalists among the applicants in an anonymous way; the finalists will perform in Cagliari at the “Premio Andrea Parodi” Festival 2021, in front of a Technical Jury (professionals, authors, musicians, poets, writers and songwriters) and a Critical Jury (journalists). Both juries, as in previous years, will be composed of authoritative exponents of the sector.

The prize for the Winner includes concerts and performances in some of the partner music festivals in their 2022 editions, not forgetting the very same Premio Andrea Parodi 2022.

In addition to the aforementioned, the winners will be entitled to a € 2,500 scholarship. Whereas the winner of the Critics’ Awards will have a professional videoclip of their competition song produced, offered by the Andrea Parodi Foundation.

We remind the finalists of the 13th edition: Alessio Arena (Campania/Catalonia); Ars Nova Napoli (Campania); Eleonora Bordonaro (Sicily); Elena D`Ascenzo (Abruzzo); Kalascima (Salento); Abramo Laye Senè & Gaalgui World Music Band (Senegal/Sicily); Maria Mazzotta (Salento); Danilo Ruggero (Sicily); Stefania Secci Rosa e Bruno Chaveiro (Sardinia/Portugal); Still Life (Catalonia).

The festival is organized by Andrea Parodi Foundation, and makes use of the artistic direction of Elena Ledda. It was born in honour of the distinguished Sardinian artist Andrea Parodi, who went from singer-songwriter with Tazenda to a highly valued solo career, of ethnic themes thanks to which he became an international reference of World Music, collaborating with artists such as Al Di Meola and Noa.

The previous editions were won: 2019 by the multi-ethnic group Fanfara Station (Tunisia, Usa, Italia), 2018 by La Maschera (Campania), 2017 by Daniela Pes (Sardinia), 2016 by Pupi di Surfaro (Sicily), 2015 by Giuliano Gabriele Ensemble (Lazio), 2014 by Flo (Campania), 2013 by Unavantaluna (Sicily), 2012 by Elsa Martin (Friuli), 2011 by Elva Lutza (Sardinia), 2010 by the Compagnia Triskele (Sicily), 2009 by Francesco Sossio (Apulia).

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