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We’ve been working on something special over the past few months and we are very excited to tell you all about it, in an interactive online session!

During the COVID pandemic; a period in which travel was limited and we were unable to work physically with our trainees in the Middle East, we worked on the development of our online methodology and library of exercises, games and activities. This enabled us to continue our work online and it will enable us to reach out to more groups in the future. The methodology and library will also enable our trainees to continue their learning process, even when we were not there in person. The methodology and library make our physical training sessions even more powerful and grounded, because it functions as an an interactive and flexible manual.
The methodology includes our six steps system for designing creative music workshops and sessions, a library of music exercises and games (with the use of pre-recorded films) and downloads for supporting music sessions. We all now have a ‘Jam & Play’ music sequencer and a community area where users can get inspired from compositions and other content, made by other Sounds of Change trainees.
Are you interested in knowing more?

We are running the online presentation of our methodology, library and a Q&A about our ‘lessons learned’ during the COVID pandemic:

October 17th, from 16:00 – 17:00 (CET) on ZOOM.

The host of this session is Sounds of Change founder and director Lucas Dols.

Please reply to lucas@soundsofchange.org and we will send you an invitation to attend our online presentation on ZOOM. 


Please feel free to forward our Stories of Change to people who might be interested in reading it and check our Orchestra of Changemakers (monthly donors) page if you are considering supporting our work. You can join the Orchestra from only €6,- per month.

With love, health and musical wishes

Lucas and the Sounds of Change team