We held our 7th annual Orchestra of Changemakers Meet-Up in Amsterdam on April 14. The event proved to be both moving and energising so we are pleased to share this update with you.

We have held an annual Meet-Up for our donors, partners, board, trainers and the rest of our team since our founding. Every year it further highlights that – whether you are a donor, trainer, board member or coordinator – together we make a difference.

The day was opened by our director Lucas Dols, together with tap dancer and artist Marije Nie who introduced everyone to Splendor, the meeting’s inspiring location in Amsterdam. The Sounds of Change trainers then performed an improvisation with Marije along the theme of traveling through different worlds.

Lucas updated everyone on our current work, with a map illustrating the various countries in which we have been active over the past seven years and you can click here to view the map on our updated website.

Ibrahim’s moving and informative story touched the audience so this was the perfect moment to practise what we preach and release some of our stress and emotions using music. Our trainers guided the Orchestra of Changemakers through playful movements and sounds, to playing an entire composition with Boomwhackers.

We are incredibly grateful to Kateryna for sharing her inspiring story with us and if the situation allows, Sounds of Change will train Kateryna’s team and a group of caregivers on-site later this year. We encourage you to visit her Facebook page if you would like to know more. 

‘Freedom for a few, maybe if they look like you’

Thank you to everyone who attended, it was heartwarming to spend such a beautiful afternoon together. 

If you would like to become a member of the Orchestra of Changemakers, you can do so by visiting our website and becoming a monthly donor. You will then automatically be invited to this special annual event, featuring stories, updates and of course, music, made for and with you.

Sharing our story with others who may be interested also helps us enormously.

photography: Deirdre Daly – www.deirdredaly.com

Thank you for reading to the end of our ‘Stories of Change’ newsletter.

With love, peace and warmth, 

Lucas, Sander, Rian, Hashem, Marijn, Han, Amjad

and the rest of the Sounds of Change team