In the spotlight

In the Spotlight 2017 – 2018
Altin Gün
Conjunto Papa Upa
Mehmet Polat Trio
Shishani & Namibian Tales

Valentin Clastrier & Steven Kamperman

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In the Spotlight 2017 – 2018

These artists have been selected by a commission of experienced independent Dutch music professionals:
Emiel Barendsen
Charlie Crooijmans
Stan Rijven
Agnes Salverda
Francis de Souza

Altin Gün  
Seventies Istanbeats  

Altin Gün (Golden day) present an exciting mix of Turkish pop with anglo-american psychedelica, funk and rock. Fascinated by Turkish 70’s artists like Erkin Koray, Barış Manço and Selda bandleader Jasper Verhulst created his own Istanbeats. Altın Gün play songs from their heroes and perform new arrangements of old Turkish traditionals. 

However their foremost inspiration is Neşet Ertaş, a Turkish folk favourite whose musical legacy is invaluable to them. Altin Gün retain the lyrical and thematic structure of Ertaş’s songs, though they often alter their time signatures while adding fuzzy bass, sweltering organ and raw saz riffs. After releasing several singles and EP’s, On became their album debut.  

Merve Dasdemir – vocals
Erdinc Yildiz Ecevit – keys, saz, vocals
Gino Groeneveld – percussion
Ben Rider – guitar
Daniel Smienk – drums
Jasper Verhulst – bass 

album: On (2018)
contact: Jeroen van den Bogert  +31 6 2064 5346
                Ronald Keizer +31 6 5362 8277


Conjunto Papa Upa – Mind blowing tropical psychedelica

Venezuelan born Alex Figueira is no stranger to 70’s tropical music. Though primarily known for the psych outfit Fumaça Preta, Figueira is also committed to experimentation with his other group, Conjunto Papa Upa. The vintage venturer digs deeply into the buried traditions of his native country, connecting the dots that were left hanging in the 500+ years of Afro-Caribbean musical cross-pollination including psychedelica, surf, samba, old school salsa and funk. Their sarcastic lyrics prtray the complexity of the current socio-political situation in Venezuela. “It’s hard to believe this has been recorded nowadays. It sounds like Santana before their first album!” Alt Latino, NPR Radio (USA)

Alex Figueira – vocals, percussion
Breno Virícimo – bass
Gabriel Millet – guitar
Jerno Peiter Abraham – organ, moog

 Album (vinyl, 7”): Vintage Voudou (2013), El Jalabolismo (2015)

Contact: Francis de Souza, +31 20 6279 538
foto: Jordi Wallenburg

Tabanka Floorfilling Funaná 

offWomex 2018 Dutch World Stage
Tabanka is a young Cape Verdean group from Rotterdam, whose music has been inspired by older Cape Verdean artists such as Américo Brito and Bitori. The seven-piece band has a fresh take on funaná. This upbeat festive music and dance style, once forbidden by the Portuguese colonial rulers, became part of post-independence Cape Verdean identity in the 80’s. Funaná derived from descendants of slaves, mixed with contemporary pop and jazz. The base of funaná are the diatonic accordion (gaita) and the rasping sound of the ferrinho, a notched metal bar played as a Caribbean guiro. Tabanka is famous for its exuberant live shows on which it is impossible not to dance. 

Ampario Gomes Ferreira- gaita, lead vocals
Djeison Gomes Ferreira- bass
Jerry Gomes Ferreira- percussion 
Nelson Gomes Ferreira- ferrinho
Aristoteles Roberto Nascimento- drums
Arlindo Silva Timas- percussion
Orlando Soares Neves- guitar   

album: Spertador (2018)
contact: Francis de Souza  +31-(0)20-627.9518 


Mehmet Polat Trio – Udverturous for the ear

Who pulls the strings in popular music? After the guitar-era of rock and folk the arabic ud and African kora are making waves. With pure virtuosity the Mehmet Polat Trio fuses the stringing sound of ud and kora with the deep voice of the ney-flute. They blend the rich musical traditions of the Balkans, Middle East and West Africa with a modal jazz approach. The compositions of outstanding ud-player Mehmet Polat give way to tempting improvisations. Every performance is an invitation to an adventurous musical journey from bygone traditions to the innovatiove present.

Sinan Arat – ney
Dymphi Peeters – kora
Mehmet Polat – ud & compositions

Album: Ask your heart (2017)
contact: Mehmet Polat
+31 634143121

Shishani & Namibian Tales
Between desert & delta  

 Shishani is a talented singer-songwriter with Namibian and Belgian roots who mainly grew up in the Netherlands. Influenced by Afro-American and African music her vocal style developed into a unique sound nourished by a strong social consciousness. With percussionist/ producer Sjahin During, cellist Bence Huszar and kora-player Debby Korfmacher she founded Namibian Tales, an acoustic quartet diving into the musical traditions of Namibia. In 2017 they travelled the Kalahari Desert to collaborate with women from the San (Bushmen) community. Together they recorded the album Kalahari Encounters, lyrics both sung in English and Oshiwambo, Shishani’s native tongue. Their 2018 European tour with four San female singers turned into a huge succes with sold-out venues. 

Sjahin During – percussion
Bence Huszar – cello
Debby Korfmacher – korambiravocals
Shishani Vranckx- guitar, vocals 

albums: Itaala (2016), Kalahari encounters (2017) 
contact: Sjahin During


Valentin Clastrier & Steven Kamperman – Duelling duo that definitely ‘Rocks’

steven kamperman

What happens to local musics in a globalized world? At least more than one can imagine since Dutch clarinettist Steven Kamperman teamed up with French ‘living legend’ Valentin Clastrier, generally regarded as the inventor of the modern hurdy-gurdy. The result is unusual and spectacular: think of angular chromatic melodies and shamanistic bass waves, blending with intens improvisations. Ian Anderson donated their dubte Fabuloseries with five stars in Froots: “Little can prepare you for the range of ideas and the extraordinary sound palettes they extract out of a pair of instruments.”Dutch leading music critic Ton Maas wrote in Mixed World Music: “A musical converstayion that keeps you on the tip of your toes. This is the record of the year!”Indeed, a duelling duo that definitely ‘rocks’.

Album: Fabuloseries (2016)
Contact: Steven Kamperman