In the Spotlight 2019/2020

Every year World Music Forum NL offers an exciting selection of promising Dutch talent. This time handpicked by jurymembers Frank Bolder (progammer LantarenVenster, North Sea Jazz), Miriam Brenner (manager Kokako Music) and Charlie Crooijmans (independent music journalist).

Their choice: Dr. Jordan Institute, Magda Mendes and Mehmet Polat & Embracing Colours.
Although each plays a different melody, they all represent a typical sound from the Dutch delta. Challenging crossovers between different streams becoming new rivers for the future.

Dr. Jordan Institute

Want something new? This is it! What about John Dowland (1563-1626) recording in Studio One/ Jamaica or Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) for Blue Note/ New York? Dr. Jordan Institute delivers the best recipe: a hot shot of wild electronics, afro-caribbean vitamines and classical vocals.

album: Jab Jab (2019)


Magda Mendes

Mariza’s urban fado finds its counterpart in Magda’s pastoral approach. She discloses the world of fading fados while selling olive oil from the ancestral family orchard. Accompanied by scenic soundscapes of winds, guitar and percussion Magda Mendes reminds us of a Portuguese countryside in peril.

album: Oliveiras (2018)
artistic leader/ manager: Magda Mendes
+ 31 6 156 173 05



Mehmet Polat & Embracing Colours

Mehmet Polat is a young ud-master and composer from Turkey, living in Amsterdam. His latest project Embracing Colours forms a brand new constellation of ud, drums, bass and accordion. “A perfect combination of folk and jazz- chapeau!”; “A small miracle happens, their music seems timeless”.

Album: Quantum Leap
manager: Muzaffer Gülşen
+31 6 245 928 59