EFN Statement about the Invasion of Ukraine

14 maart, 2022|English, Nieuws|

(bron: European Folk Network) On March 1st, the Board of the European Folk Network made this statement, that we want to repeat here: The European Folk Network celebrates what distinguishes us as people and what we have in common as people. The waging of war undermines these precepts. Therefore, we condemn in the strongest terms the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the death, destruction, and disruption of everyday lives it has brought. We particularly condemn the violence against civilians, especially children and the vulnerable. The European Folk Network is a network of musicians, organisations and communities across the whole of Europe and we know that dialogue and [...]

Music Without Borders: Double your impact this Giving Tuesday

30 november, 2021|Call, English, Nieuws|

(bron: Music Without Borders) Happy Giving Tuesday! The Giving Tuesday movement started in the US in 2012 as a very simple idea: to add a day to the calendar directly after the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday that focused on giving, not getting. We're celebrating this special day with fantastic news: For many around the world, music is a lifeline. This is especially true for people living with the aftermath of war and conflict every day. Thanks to this kind matching offer, any donations you make this week will go twice as far to Bring Back Music where it's needed most in 2022. A generous [...]

Support #bringbackmusic

26 november, 2021|English, Internationaal, Nieuws|

(bron: Music Without Borders) After two years of scaling down, we need your support to bring back music in 2022. As the pandemic hit the world, our focus shifted to survival - keeping our programs going, whether scaled down, hybrid, or online. This was vital, as music is a lifeline for many of our participants in places still suffering the wounds of war. To give a small update on our work: our long-term music projects in the Balkans, Rwanda, and El Salvador continue successfully this year. We launched new projects in Jordan and Palestine in 2021, and are in the process of relaunching a refugee program with new [...]