18 september, 2020|

As a very special finale we proudly present a worldwide celebrity: Lavinia Meijer emancipated the harp from its ‘sweet’ image and specialized in contemporary repertoire. Her debut in Carnegie Hall in 2007 and the winning of the ‘Nederlandse Muziekprijs’ in 2009 brought her into the attention of legendary composers Philip Glass and Ludovico Einaudi, resulting in longterm collaborations. She also got to perform with pop icons like Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson and Sufjan Stevens. Her albums on Channel Classics and Sony Classics reached Platina-status. Without the Covid-19 pandemic, Lavinia Meijer would be on tour now with Philip Glass and Iggy Pop! Instead, she will perform a [...]


4 september, 2020|

Turkish yearning, Brazilian melancholy, Persian wisdom of universal love, and an Italian philosophical perspective of the 4 seasons root the creative explorations of DANCE (2018). A touch of electronics transitions the sound of the album towards a hypnotic dimension, where songs are beautifully crafted by this Turkish-Romanian duo. The identity of the project is inspired by Rumi, “the prince of sufi poets”, and expresses a simple, intimate, and honest exploration of music in a rich melodical and creative way. The album is yet another landmark in the longterm collaboration of two versatile musicians that keep exploring musical possibilities with endless curiosity. Sanem Kalfa – vocals, electronics George Dumitriu [...]


21 augustus, 2020|

Kadogo 1er is an extraordinary gifted musician from the rich scene of Kinshasa. Strongly influenced by Congolese traditional music and rhythms, he created his own style of music, infused with Soul, Funk and Jazz. His beautiful voice and unusual guitar style outline his songs full of strong and positive messages. Kadogo 1er: voc, gtr, bass Toy Vieira: keys


8 augustus, 2020|

Teus Nobel is regarded one of the most remarkable jazz trumpet players of the new generation, with strong lyricism and gorgeous original compositions. Vincent Houdijk is a fabulously versatile vibraphone player, collaborating in the most diverse genres: Eric Vloeimans, Ivo Janssen, Wouter Hamel, Kyteman,… Teus and Vincent have met in many constellations throughout the years but tonight will be their very first performance as a duo.


7 augustus, 2020|

In his home country Argentina, Omar Mollo is recognized both for his impressive interpretations of classical Tango and as a Rock singer. In his long career, he has received five national awards, most recently ‘Best Male Tango Artist’ in 2018. Two of his albums got nominated for the ‘Latin Grammy Awards’, his live performances are tremendously charismatic and intense. Fellow Argentinian piano player Juan Pablo Dobal is much in demand in the Dutch Jazz and World music scene; his rich fantasy as a solo improviser as well as his sensitivity in embellishing and completing another artist’s voice make him the ideal partner for a duo setting. He notably [...]


24 juli, 2020|

Singer, double-bassist and composer Fuensanta Méndez was born and raised in the water forest of Veracruz (Mexico) to an artistic family of books and dance, surrounded by traditional Latin-American and contemporary classical music. She decided to become a singer at 13 and started writing poetry at 15. Her career developed in improvised music. Fuensanta graduated summa cum laude from the Conservatory of Amsterdam jazz studies, and was granted Jóvenes Creadores for composition from FONCA in 2019. The debut of her songs in PCJC 2016 brought the 1st place, North Sea Jazz prize and a springboard to play them around Europe and Mexico. Refined-colourful or raw-avant-garde, her music holds [...]


11 juli, 2020|

While her quintet keeps on conquering the world, fabulous South-Korean drummer Sun-Mi Hong is already a step ahead: IN: 人. Quarantine time has sprouted new roots for Sun-Mi and her partner Alistair Payne from Scotland: the drive to keep experimenting and expressing the moment showing that art is not optional. In their own words: Trumpet & Drums is not the most common line-up, however it’s easy to forget you are listening to either of these instruments. Expect breath and footsteps, a woman wailing and a door squeak. Long textural passages that resemble the sandy scrapes of a carpenter’s work bench. The experience is dream like.


10 juli, 2020|

Three very versatile musicians, connected through a longterm friendship. They have collaborated in many different occasions yet for the very first time as a trio in the middle of this Covid-pandemic with a camera team as the only audience. The energy was magical so it was an obvious choice to let the trio have their first official performance on our roof. Susana Raya’s voice, compositions and guitar playing are full of warmth, American jazz critic Ted Gioia refers to her as ‘the Andalusian Eva Cassidy’ and ‘one of my favourite singers’. Besides being active mainly as a jazz guitarist, David Golek is collaborating with folklore and world music [...]


3 juli, 2020|

Three musicians blending in one sound, researching the limitless possibilities of their instruments with three main sources of inspiration: Nature, Silence, Intensity. In their concerts that are principally based on improvisation, they make a strong connection with the audience, embracing them with warm and melancholic soundscapes. In 2019, the young trio was rewarded with an Edison, Netherlands’ most prestigious music award. Sanne Rambags- vocals Sjoerd van Eijck- piano Koen Smits- trumpet

Roots goes digital: Conjunto Papa Upa

27 juni, 2020|

Na twee jaar keert Conjunto Papa Upa terug naar Amsterdam Roots met hun nieuwe album “Libre Parca Amar”. Ze zouden een concert geven op het grote muziekpodium in het Oosterpark dit jaar, maar zullen nu te zien zijn vanuit het Bimhuis. Conjunto Papa Upa is het muzikale geesteskind van de Amsterdamse Venezolaan Alex Figueira, een Third Culture Kid bij uitstek die met zijn sarcastische teksten de huidige politieke situatie in Venezuela becommentarieert. Moeiteloos worden de geluiden die voortkomen uit de lange geschiedenis van Afro-Caribische cultuur uit Latijns Amerika, gemixt met surf, psychedelica en funk. De muziek is op het randje van tegelijkertijd vintage en futuristisch en nodigt vooral [...]