WMF panel @inJazz: Going back to my roots…but how?

1 juni, 2023|Conferentie Expertmeeting, English, Internationaal, Muziekarchieven|

Going back to my roots … but how? WMF panel @ inJazz - Friday June 23- 16.00 Imagine: your (grand)-parents descend from Cape Verde, Chili, Curaçao, Ghana, Indonesia, Suriname; countries the Netherlands was connected to for all sorts of reasons. Imagine: You want to continue their musical heritage, adding to more specific reasons. July 1 2023: at Keti Koti (the chain is cut) 150 years of abolition of slavery in Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles will be commemorated. 2024: opening of the first Migration Museum in the Netherlands. Both moments mark the need to look back- & forward while opening new perspectives. After all, the diaspora of musical [...]