Mapamundi Música: Sonja Heimann about World Music Forum NL

12 april, 2022|English, Internationaal, Redactioneel|

(bron: Mapamundi Música) by Araceli Tzigane I met Sonja Heimann at WOMEX 2015, in Budapest. The World Music Forum Netherlands was planning a very ambitious project, the European World Music Monitor. I found it very useful and I liked that people who had such a useful initiative, so it was a pleasure to participate, passing a survey to several contacts in my country, to collect concrete, quantitative data on how many people are involved in one way or another in working with world music. I don't think they found as much enthusiasm from all the people they asked to collaborate and the project was not concluded but I [...]

Mapamundi Música’s Talk with Eric van Monckhoven

17 maart, 2022|English, Nieuws|

(bron: Mapamundi Música) Eric van Monchoven is the director of Music4You, his booking agency. Mapamundi Música: Which is your background, what made you become an agent for world music artists? I also want to know what made you move from Belgium to Italy.  Eric Van Monckhoven: I am not someone who used to be in the music industry. I worked for 25 years as a capacity builder, eco-social project designer, startupper, and grant writer/fundraiser for grassroots organizations, local communities, and NGOs in various parts of the world, including Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, and eventually Indonesia and Brazil. I also had a passion for cultural diversity. This is what brought me to music. [...]