World Music Lab: interview with Arnulf den Boesterd

19 oktober, 2021|English, Internationaal|

(bron: World Music Lab) Interview with Arnulf den Boesterd of Xango Music (Benelux distributor of LPs and CDs) by Eric van Monckhoven for Years ago, I made the acquaintance of Arnulf Den Boesterd, owner of Xango Music, which distributes world music and other artists in the Benelux. We have always kept in touch and see each other regularly at events such as Womex or Babel Music. In this interview, Arnulf tells us about his commitment to good music. What is Xango Music? Xango Music, Benelux distributor of local music from all over the world I, Arnulf den Boesterd, founded Xango Music in 1997 as a hobby that [...]