Calling All Music Producers Worldwide | WOMEX & Native Instruments

18 november, 2020|Call, English, Internationaal, Womex|

(bron: WOMEX) Kick your creativity into gear, submit your best remix and show the world your production talent! If there is one lesson COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us - it is that creativity can never be quarantined. For the first time, WOMEX has teamed up with the Berlin-based Native Instruments, to offer you unique music remixing opportunity via their global online music community platform Metapop. Whether you are a bedroom music producer or a professional, you can participate in this competition by remixing and submitting a track via the Metapop website to win Native Instruments music production packs and one WOMEX 21 Porto edition registration as prizes. Mix-match, mash-up, [...]