Radio Mukambo started six years ago on the webradio Groovalizacion and has ever since spread its wings around the world. You can listen from anywhere online but also on local radio stations in Brussels (Radio Panik), São Paulo (Radio Silva), Rome (Radio Sonar), Paris (Radio RapTz), Buenos Aires (Radio LaBici) and Leuven (Radio Scorpio).

A quilombo or mocambo was a refuge for liberated slaves in colonial Brazil. Radio Mukambo is the asylum for those who want to escape from the pop/rock/electro dictatorship, a place where you can liberate yourself from mass consumption and dance to the best Afro-grooves!

From Brussels to the world, Radio Mukambo immerses you in global grooves and the pulsation of our cities where sounds get mixed up to create world fusion without borders. Afrobeat, ethiogrooves, Afro-Latin & Afro-Brazilian, soukouss, arabesque, reggae/dub/dancehall and hip-hop with a ethnic/regional flavor.

Podcast #300: G300VE ON!

For this special podcast, I’ve been digging into 6 years of radio work and present you the very best of Radio Mukambo!


1. Totó La Momposina – El Pescador

2. Quantic – Cumbia Africana

3. Lindigo – Domoun

4. Barbatuques – Baianá

5. Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Rios, Pontes e Overdrives

6. Maga Bo – No Balanço da Canoa (ChicoCorrea remix)

7. Totó La Momposina – Adios Fulana

8. Kel Assouf – Afrik

9. Arat Kilo feat. Mamani Keita – Madala

10. Analogik – Camel Clap Break

11. Ponto de Equilibrio – O que eu vejo

12. The Grasspoppsers – Cassius

13. The Spy from Cairo – Prince Ahmed

14. Baba Zula – Hopce

15. Panda Dub – Crazy World

16. Black Bazar feat. Fanfan de Tabou Combo – Combo Congo

17. Bonga feat. Lura – Mulemba Xangola

18. Dele Sosimi – You No Fit Touch Am

19. Alma Afrobeat Ensemble – Siempre Presente

20. Blitz the Ambassador feat. Seun Kuti – Make You No Forget

21. Terrakota – Slow Food

22. Château Flight – Shakara/Lady Pt. 2

23. Batida – Pobre e Rico

24. Tchobari feat. Daniel Nascimento & Viviane Chantel – Nzaya

25. Sofyann feat. Nidhal Yahyaoui – Dazzitini

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