What is Transglobal World Music Chart?

Transglobal World Music Chart (TWMC) was conceived in the Spring of 2015 by Ángel Romero (WorldMusicCentral.org, USA), Araceli Tzigane and Juan Antonio Vázquez (Mundofonías, Spain) with the objective to create a network of music critics, who are working on a regular basis, spreading world, roots, traditional music… in any kind of media. It has a real global approach, including representatives from most regions, with a very inclusive point of view.

TWMC produces a list of albums, a chart,  each month and also at the end of the year, selected according to quality. The panel is envisioned to include any good quality production, recorded in any country, including self-productions and small label releases.

The goal is to spread the best world music productions selected by renowned world music specialists from all over the Globe. The aim of the Chart is also to facilitate artists to be included, regardless of geographical barriers, based on merit and talent rather than popularity, big productions or record sales.

  • If you would like to submit your music to the panel, read carefully these instructions.

    What kind of recordings are eligible for the Chart?

  • Album length recordings (no EPs or singles)
  • Musical genres related with some type of traditional roots from any culture of the world. Rock, pop, jazz, or hip-hop albums are excluded unless they have a significant content related to other traditional or roots music.
  • Recently or imminently published (or with recent international distribution, if the original release was older). An album can be included in the list again if it is released internationally, even if it had been featured earlier in the list as a local/regional edition.
  • All the albums that meet these requirements are eligible, including compilations, new releases of historic recordings, multiple albums, CD-books, etc.

How is an album considered for the Chart?

The members of the panel vote freely for their favorite albums. They can vote for any eligible album received through the TWMC or by their own means and through their own contacts.

The record labels, artists, publicists, managers… can submit their albums to the TWMC for the panelists’ consideration.

There are these two options. And you can also follow the recommended procedures below:

1- Send an email to provide a link to download a digital copy to the administrators of the chart. Eligible digital releases submitted correctly by email to the administrators will be forwarded exclusively to the current members of the panel. Click here to send us an email.

Please note that the TWMC administrators cannot guarantee that all those emails will be considered by all the panelists. To make sure that the emails have been received correctly by them or to ask for their feedback, contact the members individually by clicking the contact links on our Members page.

Don’t forget:

  • Provide good quality audio files + booklet. It’s preferable to include all the materials you want to provide in just one downloadable file (for example, a zip file).
  • Album credits. Along with the audio files, you need to send additional information about the artist and recording. A frequent complaint from panelists is that some submissions only include music files and there is no additional information about the artists involved and the album credits.
  • Avoid attached files, they won’t be forwarded to the members.
  • You can add additional information, a link to stream or other contents in the same email. Remember that only the email containing a link to download the album (or an invitation to request a physical copy) will be forwarded to the members and only one email per album. For further contact, information, feedback…, go to the Members page and contact the panelists individually. Note that we won’t provide their emails addresses.
  • Make sure that the following information is included and easily accesible: Name of the band/artist, title of the album, label/self-published, date of release.

2- Get in touch directly with the members. Go to the Members and contact them individually in order to ask for their preferences.

Recommended procedures:

1- Send an email to the administrators including a link to download the audio files, the booklet and other materials you want to add. You can do it from our contact page here or sending an email to our email address. Please folow the tips mentioned above.

2- You’ll normally get a confirmation email that your email has arrived and been forwarded exclusively to the members. If you don’t get it, contact us again but please be patient: it’s not an automatic reply. Please note that submissions received during the voting period (14th to 20th every month) won’t be forwarded until the end of that period.

3- Contact the members individually by clicking the contact links on our Members page, check if they have received and downloaded the album and ask them if they need anything else.